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Weacrylic is a leading acrylic sheet manufacturer in China. We also manufacture high-quality acrylic rods and acrylic tubes with advanced manufacturing equipment. In addition, we support to design and custom acrylic products. We can fabricate various acrylic products in different shapes, sizes, and colors. So, you can wholesale acrylic sheets from us. 

We are committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions for acrylic plastic sheets manufacturing.

acrylic sheet China manufacturer

Weacrylic Featured Acrylic Sheet Fabrication

Weacrylic is a leader in perspex sheet production and supply. We manufacture plexiglass sheets of all possible and popular varieties. Our products are manufactured to meet the needs of our clients and the industry. We offer the broadest range of products from cast to extruded acrylic sheets, from acrylic tubes to acrylic rods, and from frosted acrylic to transparent and fluorescent plexiglass sheets.

If you need an acrylic material of a particular specification, we will make it for you. We have well-equipped and fully functional production facilities. In addition, we offer cut-to-fit size acrylic sheets and help our customers save on time and the material.

  • Different colors, sizes, and shapes.
  • More sable and lower cost.
  • The thickness and length are more uniform.
  • It is easy to be routed, laser-cut, and polished.
  • Different sizes, colors, and thicknesses
  • Greater thermal stability
  • Better surface finish
  • More scratch-resistant
  • Professional laser cutting equipment
  • Cut acrylic board into any size and shape
  • Laser engraving patterns on acrylic panels
  • Customized acrylic sheet services
  • Lightweight and thermoplastic reflective material
  • Durable, alternatives to glass
  • Suitable for signage, POP, displays, and fabrication
  • Two types of acrylic rods: extruded and cast
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Ten times the strength of glass
  • Suitable for crystal chandeliers, furniture,and more.
  • Two types of acrylic tubes: extruded and cast
  • Different thicknesses, sizes, and diameters.
  • Different types of acrylic tubes such as clear, transparent, and colored.
  • Custom acrylic tubes you need.

Customized Acrylic Panel Fabrication In China Since 2010

Different Types of Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic panel is a pretty durable material, and it is also quite adaptable. Because the acrylic sheets are pretty functional, they have different uses. We design and manufacture the best plexiglass panels to meet their needs. Meanwhile, we provide different types of perspex panels. Because we have been in acrylic manufacturing the industry for a long time, we know what people want. The following are the types of acrylic panels:

colored acrylic sheet

Colored Acrylic Board

In Weacrylic, we offer the different colored acrylic panels, and they completely resistant to fading or discoloration.

UV Filtering Acrylic Panel

UV Filtering Acrylic Panel

Ultraviolet filtering plexiglass sheets are one of the most popular ones. And it can filter out about 98% of harmful UV light.

translucent acrylic sheet

Translucent Acrylic Sheet

Translucent perspex sheets are suitable for the backlighting applications. And they have different thickness, colors and sizes.

light diffuser plexiglass

Light Diffuse Plexiglass

Light diffusing plexiglass is mainly suitable for LED or fluorescent lights. Meanwhile, it can diffuse the light properly.
clear perspex sheet

Clear Perspex Sheet

Clear acrylic panel is completely transparent and look quite similar to the glass. But it is more durable.

frosted acrylic sheet

Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Frosted plexiglass is translucent to opaque pmma sheet. Meanwhile, it has good stability and durability.

Anti-strict acrylic panel

Anti-static Acrylic Panel

Anti-static perspex applies a unique technology, so it can prevent the electrostatic discharges.

fluorescent plexiglass

Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet

Fluorescent plexiglass has bright fluorescent colors. Because it has a larger wavelength, so it can glow.

Why Is Acrylic Sheet Chosen Over Transparent Plastics?

Custom Your Acrylic Products

We, at Weacrylic, manufacture good material acrylic sheets. We can cut to size to make different products. And they are high in quality, durable, sturdy, transparent, and available at competitive prices. In addition, you can choose the design, logo, size, silk-screen, and color of the sheets acrylic according to the customer’s requirements. Most importantly, we ensure to supply our customers with the best services and professional products. The client’s satisfaction is of importance to us.

acrylic risers

Acrylic Risers

If you are looking for black acrylic risers, Weacrylic has a solution for you. We make it with high-quality and durable materials.
acrylic boxes
We are happy to accept orders for wholesale acrylic boxes and we can also customize different types of clear acrylic cases for you.
acrylic signs
Weacrylic can provide acrylic sign printing services. Therefore, you can choose customized printed acrylic signs.
Acrylic frames
At Weacrylic, we customize acrylic frames according to customer requirements. Meanwhile, we provide high-quality acrylic frames.
acrylic holders
At Weacrylic, we provide beautiful acrylic holders at very competitive prices. We have a variety of acrylic stands for you.
acrylic stands
The clear acrylic stand is very suitable for displaying your products. Also, we provide acrylic display stands at affordable prices.

Acrylic Trophy

If you are looking for acrylic trophy, Weacrylic has a solution for you. Meanwhile, we make it with high-quality and durable materials.

Acrylic Humidor Holder

Acrylic Humidor

We manufacture high-quality acrylic humidors and provide acrylic humidors of various sizes, shapes and capacities.

Customized Acrylic Products with One-Stop Solution

Acrylic Sheet Manufacturing Capabilities

At Weacrylic, we have a variety of manufacturing processes to enrich our acrylic sheet products. We have acrylic extrusion, acrylic casting, laser cutting, silk printing and thermoforming, and can manufacture acrylic parts for you. Also, we can do anti-fog, super abrasion, anti-glare, and other unique surface treatments to acrylic products.

We use high-quality raw materials to fabricate our acrylic products unique and suitable for the needs of different customers. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional one-stop acrylic manufacturer, Weacrylic is your best choice.

1. Acrylic Sheets Extruding

First, we pour the acrylic material into the machine to melt it. Next, the material is poured into a mold and then fed into an extruder for heating. Finally, it is cooled to form a fixed shape.

In conclusion, extrusion acrylic panel is a continuous production process. And it is easy to bend and thermoform. Meanwhile, extruded acrylic has a better tolerance for thickness.

acrylic sheets extruding
cast acrylic sheet China manufacturer

2. Acrylic Sheets Casting

Cast acrylic is a form of acrylic material. It is produced by mixing the acrylic liquid ingredients in molds. Firstly, we pour the liquid ingredients into a mold made from glass plates in the production process. Then the mold is submerged in warm water. Here the polymerization process takes place.

In conclusion, the cast acrylic panel is more chemical resistant when compared to extruded acrylic materials. After laser cutting, there are no burrs in the edges of the cast perspex sheet. Therefore, it gives polished edges. In addition, cast acrylic board is available in a wide variety of colors.

3. Laser Cutting Acrylic Panels

Laser cutting is a method of cutting specific designs in acrylic materials. In other words, it involves using lasers to cut or engrave. Our laser cutting equipment can cut any shape and size you want. In addition, it leaves a smooth edge after the acrylic is melted, burned, or vaporized.

Our laser cutting equipment is advanced, and it can meet your any cutting needs. At the same time, we provide customized acrylic board services and products.

laser cut acrylic sheet
screen printing on acrylic sheet China

4. Screen Printing on Acrylic Sheet

Screen printing on acrylic is a important technology. It is the process of transferring ink onto the acrylic substrate through a mesh. Then using a squeegee/roller to fill the open apertures.It is useful and very relevant for printing labels, logos, and texts.

In addition, we can apply many print coatings on acrylic sheets. They can enhance resistance, anti-fogging, glare reduction and solar reflexivity. In conclusion, it is common in many acrylic fabrication applications.The applications are very appealing.

Weacrylic is a Trusted Acrylic Panels Manufacturer And Wholesaler

Why Choose Weacrylic Plexiglass Sheet?

Weacrylic is a leading manufacturer of acrylic products in China. We aim to provide customers with value-added services and after-sales guarantees. And we have been manufacturing acrylic in this industry for several years, so we have acquired enough knowledge and technology. We fully understand what you care about. Our team always does its best to provide the most effective customer service. So, if you want to wholesale acrylic sheets, we are your good partner.

100% Quality Guarantee

We guarantee 100% the quality of acrylic products.In addition, we use cast acrylic for mass production and insist on a quality inspection of each acrylic product.

Customized on Demand

We provide acrylic sheets in various sizes, colors, and thicknesses. Also, we will provide tailor-made solutions according to your design and quotation within 24 hours.

Professional Equipment

We have professionally produced machines, so we can always provide services to customers. And we follow the highest standards of each manufacturer.

Fast Delivery

You will get a reply to the email within 12 hours. Also, we must deliver the goods within the agreed time. You don't have to worry about delivery failure.


How We Control the Quality of Perspex Sheets?

We have a strict quality control mechanism throughout the production chain. In addition, we have modern production facilities and high-grade material. Most importantly, we follow the most stringent standards of the acrylic industry.

Every parameter adheres to the exact specification—for example, the transparency levels, the weight, the strength, or the durability.Even after selling our products, we are ready to listen to any after-sales issues. Meanwhile, we are responsible and committed to our clients and their needs, convenience, and safety.

quality testing
hardness test

Get Valuable Acrylic Products From Weacrylic

Custom acrylic products are available at Weacrylic. If this is your first purchase from a foreign country, we will guide you step by step and make it as convenient as purchasing locally.

We have many custom acrylic items, and we are confident to provide you with an excellent sourcing experience. It is because we have been in acrylic manufacturing and supplying the industry for a long time, we know what people are looking for.

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Acrylic Sheet Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic panels are thermoplastics. Thermoplastics are synthetic resins. They will become plastic on heating and harden on cooling.

You can purchase them in Weacrylic. They are lightweight and an alternative to glass that is shatter-resistant.

It is generally one of the most transparent plastics on the market.

In general, acrylic plastic sheets are entirely flexible.

Although it is not the most flexible plastic, plexiglass plastic is very flexible.

Therefore, plexiglass sheets can have many uses.

We can bend and shape acrylic when it becomes warm and soft.

Meanwhile, bending acrylic sheets and making them smooth requires a steady and consistent heat source.

Generally, acrylic plexiglass sheets can withstand heat up to 170 F.

It is ideal for outdoor environments because of this heat resistance.

As we all know, plexiglass acrylic panels are thermoplastics because their melting point is 320F.

In other words, it is the temperature when they melt and become liquid.

Even if you cool and reheat it again, there will be no significant degradation.

In conclusion, acrylic plexiglass sheets will become liquid because of heating. Therefore, this makes it easier to be molded, injected, and recycled.

Plexiglass panels are very suitable for outdoor use because they are very water-resistant.

Because of this property, they have a weatherproof nature. Therefore, they become superior exterior shells for many products.

Yes, it can.

In general, screen printing is very common for acrylic displays and signages.

Is Plexiglass the Same as Acrylic?

Generally, Plexiglass and acrylic are almost the same. However, you can find a few differences between them.

Acrylic is a kind of plastic. It is polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA.

On the other hand, Plexiglass is a kind of clear perspex sheet.

The essential difference between plexiglass and acrylic products is the manufacturing process.

There are two processes to manufacture acrylic: cell casting or extrusion.

Plexiglass, however, only uses the cell casting manufacturing process.

So, you pay more for a plexiglass product since it goes through a more substantial manufacturing process. It is also more suitable for your requirements.

All Plexiglass is acrylic products, but not all acrylic products are Plexiglass. However, today, Plexiglass and acrylic are often used interchangeably.

What Are the Beneficial Characteristics of Acrylic?

Firstly, it is easy to shape and fabricate. Heating acrylic plastic makes it malleable. Therefore, it becomes easy to mold into different shapes. After acrylic plastic sheets cool down, you can drill, saw, or machine.

Secondly, it is lighter but much stronger than glass. Compared to glass, acrylic plastic is lighter and more sturdy. It weighs only half the weight of glass.

In addition, acrylic is also cheaper than glass when you manufacture it in extruded or cast forms. It is also more resistant to impact than glass.

Meanwhile, its impact resistance is 17 times greater than ordinary glass. Therefore, it does not shatter under high impact. And even if it breaks, the shattered pieces are large and dull edges. In other words, it is an important safety feature of acrylic plastic.

At the same time, the acrylic sheet is very transparent. And it does not produce a yellow tint after many years. Thus, it is very useful for outdoor applications.

On the other hand, it is resistant to weather. The acrylic plastic sheet is very resistant even in different temperatures and humidity. Therefore, it can be beneficial for applications outdoors.

Most importantly, it is easy to maintain. You can only use a damp microfiber cloth to remove dirt from acrylic panels. In addition, you should be gentle when cleaning acrylic panels.

Does Plexiglass Fade in the Sun?

In general, plexiglass is an acrylic-based material made from natural gas. When we fabricate acrylic substances with natural gas, it becomes inert.

In other words, it does not react chemically with heat, sunlight, or chemicals. Thus, it can be exposed to sunlight for a long time. Meanwhile, plexiglass stays clear and bright in the sun.

Most importantly, plexiglass can reduce the intensity of UV light. When UV light passes through plexiglass windows, refraction occurs. And they are broken up.

Therefore, people inside will not feel its intensity. And they will not be exposed to the full level of UV radiation.

What Is the Difference Between an Acrylic Sheet And a Polycarbonate Sheet?

In general, acrylic sheets are shinier. However, polycarbonate sheets are stronger.

Both acrylic and Polycarbonate weigh half the weight of glass. But both products are more robust than glass.

Meanwhile, both are synthetic glasses that are very flexible. In addition, both materials are also very easy to clean.

On the one hand, the impact resistance of acrylic is 17 times that of glass.

However, Polycarbonate is 250 times the impact resistance of glass. Therefore, it is the stronger material.

In addition, Polycarbonate is more resilient than acrylic. Therefore, it is ideal for bullet-proof windows.

But acrylic is more transparent. So it is great for display cases. However, acrylic is easier to crack, but Polycarbonate is easier to scratch.

On the other hand, Polycarbonate is more expensive than acrylic.

On average, it costs 35% more than acrylic. Unlike Polycarbonate, acrylic can be heated and molded to shape. We can heat it again. And it still retains a quality appearance.

In conclusion, Polycarbonate sheets and pmma sheets are almost similar to each other in appearance. Both are also the most used plastic materials on the market.

How Do Plexiglass Sheets Compare to Glass?

As mentioned earlier, acrylic’s weight is half that of glass. It is also much stronger than glass.

Meanwhile, in contrast to glass, a shattered acrylic has large pieces. And edges are blunt. Therefore, acrylic is much safer.

On the one hand, acrylic has better insulation than glass. In addition, it is more expensive when the glass is molded and extruded because it requires much more energy than acrylic.

Meanwhile, you cannot saw, mill, or bend glass. Since after heating, glass is more difficult to form.

On the other hand, it is harder to scratch glass. But acrylic panels can have a scratch-resistant coating. So It gives them extra protection.

Scratch-resistant acrylic is not nearly as scratch-resistant as glass. You can polish small scratches on acrylic. However, the scratched glass is not easy to maintain, so you need to replace it.

Finally, the light transmission of glass is 90%. However, acrylic is 92%. Therefore, unlike glass, acrylic produces a softer reflection of light. And it allows UV light to pass.

How to Manufacture Plastic Acrylic Sheet?

There are two ways to manufacture acrylic panels – cast or extruded.

Cast acrylic has strong chemical resistance.

And it has a great range of thickness. So, it is ideal for sizable installations.

Generally, there are two ways of manufacturing cast acrylic.

They are batch cells or continuous production.

The most common manufacturing technique is the batch cell.

It is very simple and suitable for making plexiglass sheets that are 0.6 to 6.0 inches thick.

Extruded acrylic is a bit different from cast acrylic.

The thickness of the acrylic panels in this method is also more consistent.

The base of this process is the polymer pellets of extrusion grade.

We extrude acrylic through a die and finally make acrylic board of different thicknesses.

Finally, you can cut to size acrylic.

Can Acrylic Sheets be Cut with a Laser?

Yes, they can. We have laser cutting capabilities for perspex panels.

It can produce a smooth flame when laser cutting the perspex sheet.

The extruded acrylic panel will have a flame-polished edge when laser cut.

Do Acrylic Sheets Need to Be Polished?

Generally, if it does not have the edges exposed, the acrylic panels do not need to be polished.

However, polishing is necessary if you need more refined and finished-looking.

Because perspex sheets generally have rough edges when they are mechanically cut.

However, laser cutting is an exception. The edges of laser-cut plexiglass sheets are smooth.

How Do You Choose Acrylic Sheet China Manufacturer?

Finding a good acrylic panel supplier in China is not that hard.

The following factors can help you choose the right supplier:

Reliability: Your preferred supplier must be trustworthy, even before negotiating how to source those products from them.

Excellent Facilities: Manufacturing acrylic sheets requires a high level of machinery. Therefore, a good supplier should have all the necessary equipment. It facilitates the efficient manufacture of the product.

ISO Certification: This certification is essential. It is an international standard. So, you need to make sure your manufacturer complies with international credentials.

Weacrylic is a leading plexiglass sheet manufacturer.

We have been in the acrylic panel business for years.

If you need customized plexiglass sheets, you can contact us. We can provide many options.

Contact us now to get acrylic panels information!

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