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Weacrylic is a professional China acrylic box manufacturer and supplier. We can produce acrylic cosmetic boxes, display boxes, transparent acrylic cases, etc. Meanwhile, we also provide customized acrylic display box service. We will design and manufacture different acrylic cases according to your design drawings.

custom acrylic box China manufacturer

Use Weacrylic Acrylic Sheets to Manufacture Acrylic Cases

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Weacrylic chooses high-quality acrylic sheets to manufacture acrylic boxes at our factory. As a professional acrylic sheet manufacturer, we are happy to make excellent plexiglass boxes to serve you.

We manufacture acrylic sheets through two processes of extrusion or casting. You will get high-end acrylic plastic boxes at competitive prices.

Acrylic display cases have different forms. We can customize the size, shape, color, and packaging. We will provide the best solution to suit your needs.

acrylic box with lid

Acrylic Box with Lid

clear plexiglass box

Clear Plexiglass Box

acrylic lock box

Acrylic Lock Box

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Acrylic Colored Box

Application Types of Acrylic Cases

Acrylic boxes are unique and strong. And they have wide applications. Weacrylic is a China custom plexiglass box supplier. We can make different types of acrylic cases for you. Meanwhile, our acrylic display boxes have strict inspections of various parameters to ensure the highest quality. In general, acrylic cases have different forms. We can customize the size, shape, color, and packaging. In conclusion, we will provide the best solution to suit your needs.

acrylic gift box

Acrylic Gift Box

acrylic shoe display case

Acrylic Shoe Box

wall mounted perspex box

Wall Mounted Acrylic Box

acrylic box frame

Acrylic Box Frame

acrylic jewelry box

Acrylic Jewelry Box

ballot acrylic case

Ballot Box Acrylic

acrylic rose case

Acrylic Rose Box

acrylic cake display case

Cake Acrylic Box

acrylic ring box

Acrylic Ring Box

tissue display case

Tissue Box Acrylic

acrylic shadow display case

Acrylic Shadow Box

storage plexiglass case

Acrylic Storage Box

Weacrylic: Your Leading China Custom Acrylic Boxes Manufacturer And Wholesaler

As a leading acrylic display case supplier in China, we have professional factories and equipment. For example, we have advanced equipment, first-class technology, professional team. Therefore, we can quickly complete your order and deliver on time. If you need to wholesale clear acrylic boxes in China, Weacrylic is your best choice. Choosing high-quality Weacrylic perspex box will allow you to display your products perfectly and increase your sales. However, if you can’t find the most suitable product for your business, we can customize the design according to your needs. Meanwhile, we will provide various functions, sizes, customization, etc.

Manufacturing Capabilities for Custom Acrylic Boxes

acrylic materials

Top Acrylic Material

acrylic sheet extruding

Acrylic Extruding

laser cutting acrylic sheet

Laser Cut Acrylic Sheet

screen printing on acrylic

Screen Printing on Acrylic

acrylic bonding

Acrylic Bonding

acrylic polishing

Acrylic Polishing

acrylic bending

Bend Acrylic

acrylic assembly

Acrylic Assembly

Wholesale Customized Acrylic Boxes Manufactured in China Here Now!

Why Choose Weacrylic Perspex Display Box?

Weacrylic is a professional China acrylic display boxes manufacturer, and you can bulk acrylic boxes from us. We use high-quality acrylic raw materials to make top-quality clear acrylic cases.

Meanwhile, we provide wholesale and custom plexiglass display case service. Most importantly, we have various processes for processing perspex boxes and have mass production capability. Our manufacturing processes include casting, extrusion, injection molding, laser cutting, and screen printing.

In conclusion, we can manufacture perspex display box of various forms and functions. So you can customize options, including shape, size, thickness, and configuration.

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Acrylic Cases Frequently Asked Questions

The acrylic case is very strong. When it encounters an impact, it will absorb the impact without breaking.

However, it does not mean that the acrylic plastic box is indestructible.

But don’t worry, even if it happens to break, the fragments of the plexiglass case will not be sharp.

Therefore, this characteristic of acrylic is essential for valuables places.

The plexiglass box is flammable.

The material of the acrylic box belongs to the B2 grade, which is very flammable.

Therefore, acrylic cases are not suitable for places where high temperatures, open flames, or sparks may occur.

In general, acrylic materials are inert natural gas. Therefore, our perspex box has strong weather resistance and UV resistance.

So, no matter how long it is exposed to the sun, our acrylic cases will not turn yellow in the sun.

Screen printing on the acrylic case can add visual interest to your perspex display box. It is a chemical process.

Therefore, you need to do it in a ventilated place, especially when using a stirring pen.

In addition, you need to understand this knowledge to avoid destroying the appearance of the acrylic clear box.

Or, you can use a laser printer to select a specific image to print on the plexiglass display case. It is also a printing process.

How to Glue Acrylic Box?

Acrylic plastic is one of the common plastics. It’s as transparent as glass.

There are many reasons for bonding acrylic. So, how do we glue the acrylic box?

First, set up the workspace.

Secondly, prepare a specific size of the acrylic plate. Before gluing acrylic sheets, make sure they are the correct shape and size.

At the same time, to clean the acrylic board.

Next, secure the acrylic plate in place using clips, a wooden block, or a friend’s hand. Once fixed, you can apply the glue.

Next, use glue. There are several different types of acrylic glues. But most acrylic glues are made from methylene chloride.

Most importantly, make sure the adhesive fills all seams and Spaces.

Finally, wait for the glue. Once the acrylic is glued, hold it together for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Soon after application, the edge of the acrylic connection is cloudy white. As it dries, it will slowly become more transparent.

Once 15 to 30 minutes have passed, you can stop sticking the acrylic resin together – a slight bond has formed.

However, don’t apply too much pressure to the plastic before 48 hours.

Although acrylic takes only 15 minutes to bond gently, strong bonding requires acrylic cement to be completely dry.

How to Cut Acrylic Display Boxes?

Using a laser cutting machine is ideal for perspex display boxes because it has many advantages.

First, the laser cutting machine provides high precision.

The machine can laser cut acrylic sheets to any size, and the corner surface can be cut clean. And it provides a smoother surface treatment.

Secondly, the laser cutting machine works within a strictly defined area.

Laser cutting does not require a lot of heat. So it can cut accurately in a very narrow range. Acrylic boxes are less affected by distortion.

In short, the laser cutting machine is an ideal choice for cutting acrylic display boxes. Because it can cut any thickness, you can also design any shape and pattern.

How Do You Assemble Acrylic Cases for Display??

Before you start to assemble the acrylic display case, you need to determine the actual size of the acrylic case.

Generally, you need to consider three angles, length, width, and height.

After confirming, start to assemble the perspex box.

During this process, you need to make sure to wear safety equipment.

First, cut all the acrylic panels into appropriate sizes, and then place the top panel on the work surface with the side panels perpendicular to it.

Then apply adhesive to the edges, connect them and fix them with tape.

Repeat this operation for all other parts until you assembly a complete display box.

Wipe off the excess acrylic glue inside the acrylic box.

Apply silicone caulk along the gap and let the glue cure for at least one day.

Finally, choose where to place the hinges and fix them on one side.

How to Make Acrylic Display Boxes?

Acrylic displays boxes are an excellent choice for displaying items.

Of course, manufacturing perspex display boxes is not a difficult process.

Before manufacturing these display boxes, you also need to understand a simple DIY process.

In addition, you need to prepare the necessary tools and materials.

Firstly, cut the acrylic sheet into slices.

According to the size and shape of the acrylic display case you want, cut the acrylic sheet of the corresponding size.

Here, you can use a metal cutting saw to cut the sheets on all sides of the box.

After cutting acrylic sheets, you need to use sandpaper to polish the edges.

Secondly, you need to connect the bottom, top, and sides.

First, place the top of the acrylic box on a flat work surface.

Place one of the side pieces perpendiculars to the left edge.

And then use acrylic adhesive to connect the two pieces.

Then use tape strips to secure them.

Use the same method to fix the panel on the other side.

Finally, the bottom panel is perpendicular to the opening edge of the side part and then glued and fixed.

Thirdly, fixed parts.

You need to use tape to fix all panels.

At the same time, you have to keep the edge of the plexiglass display box at a vertical angle.

Finally, connect the last piece.

You only need to apply glue around the exposed edges at this stage.

Then you need to align the back sheet and press it into the adhesive.

Then let the glue dry.

In the end, you will get a beautiful acrylic display case.

How Does Perspex Box Compare to Polycarbonate Box?


Generally speaking, the light transmittance of plexiglass display boxes is higher than that of polycarbonate boxes.

Its light transmittance is about 92%.

However, the light transmittance of the polycarbonate box is about 88%.

Therefore, the plexiglass case is easier to polish.


Both boxes are strong. But the polycarbonate box is slightly stronger than the acrylic case.

The strength of the polycarbonate box is about 25 times that of the acrylic box.

However, the custom plexiglass display box is also very strong. It can withstand reasonable shocks without breaking.

Scratch resistance:

Acrylic cases are more scratch-resistant than polycarbonate boxes.

Compared with polycarbonate materials, acrylic is naturally a harder material.


The polycarbonate box is lighter than the perspex box.


Generally, plexiglass cases are cheaper than polycarbonate boxes.

The polycarbonate box is about 35% more expensive than the transparent acrylic displays box.

What Are the Advantages of Acrylic Boxes for Display?

High transparency

Acrylic material is naturally transparent, so the acrylic case can perfectly display the item’s appearance.

It is important because it also reduces the impact on shoppers.


The acrylic case is very light, so we can easily move it indoors or outdoors.

It is suitable for display stands because you can choose different designs and shapes.


The perspex case is rigid. So it can bear a specific weight of objects.

Therefore, you can use it to support objects with a little weight, whether heavy, small or large.


Acrylic material has high weather resistance and UV resistance. So the acrylic display case can be used outdoors for a long time. And it can withstand physical shocks.

Which Types of Acrylic Boxes Are There?

As a China custom perspex display box manufacturer, Weacrylic can fabricate various acrylic cases.

There are different types of plexiglass boxes, for example:

Acrylic display case
Acrylic suggestion box
Five sides acrylic display box
Acrylic make up box
Round acrylic clear box
Acrylic card box
Acrylic file box
Donation Acrylic box
Acrylic display case wall mount
Acrylic clear box with lock

Get Customized Acrylic Boxes to Delight Your Customers