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Weacrylic is acrylic frames custom China manufacturer. We specialize in manufacturing acrylic frames.  We provide high-quality perspex frames, including acrylic wall frames, acrylic shadowbox frames, etc. Meanwhile, we can have customized acrylic photo frames services according to requirements.

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Use Weacrylic Acrylic Sheets to Manufacture Acrylic Frames

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The raw material of the plexiglass frames is an acrylic sheet. We have a professional factory to manufacture acrylic sheets. As a professional acrylic sheets manufacturer, we are happy to fabricate perfect plexiglass frames to meet your needs.

In general, we manufacture acrylic sheets through two processes: casting and extrusion. And we will choose the best quality acrylic sheet to make your acrylic photo frames.

Perspex frames have different forms. We can customize the size, shape, color, and packaging. We will provide the best solution to suit your needs.

Application Types of Acrylic Frames

Weacrylic is a China custom plexiglass frame supplier. We can make different types of perspex frames for you. If you need wholesale China acrylic picture frames, Weacrylic is a good choice. Choosing a high-quality clear frames acrylic can perfectly display your photos. Our plexiglass frames have a wide variety. Meanwhile, we can also customize acrylic photo frames according to your needs. In conclusion, at Weacrylic, we design and manufacture strong and elegant acrylic clear frames. In addition, we have other acrylic products. For example, acrylic box, acrylic sign, acrylic displays stands.

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Acrylic Magnetic Frame

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Acrylic Poster Frame

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Wall Acrylic Frame

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Acrylic Picture Frames

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Acrylic Gallery Frames

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Floating Plexiglass Frame

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Acrylic Box Frame

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Acrylic Block Frame

Weacrylic: Your Leading Custom Acrylic Frames China Manufacturer And Wholesaler

As a leading China plexiglass frame supplier, we have professional factories and equipment. For example, we have advanced equipment, first-class technology, professional team. Therefore, we can quickly complete your order and deliver on time. If you need to wholesale clear perspex picture frames in China, Weacrylic is your best choice. Our clear perspex frame is always the best and at a favorable price. We have enough ability to customize and design your acrylic photo frame orders. Meanwhile, we can produce acrylic picture frames with many functions, such as waterproof, transparent, anti-glare, etc.

Manufacturing Capabilites for Custom Perspex Frames

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Acrylic Bonding

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Bend Acrylic

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Acrylic Assembly

Wholesale Customized Acrylic Frames Manufactured in China

Why Choose Weacrylic Plexiglass Frames?

At Weacrylic, we use high-quality acrylic material to make high-quality clear acrylic photo frames. And, we have a professional factory to produce acrylic sheets. Meanwhile, we offer frames acrylic at affordable prices.

Generally, we offer two types of frames: clear and glare-free. Weacrylic can customize plexiglass frames according to your design, printed logo, or packaging.

Most importantly, we have various processes for manuacturing perspex frames and have mass production capability. Our manufacturing processes include casting, extrusion, injection molding, laser cutting, and screen printing.

In conclusion, Weacrylic is a professional China acrylic frames manufacturer, and you can wholesale acrylic picture frames from us. 

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Acrylic Frames Frequently Asked Questions

It is a frame made of acrylic material. Plexiglass frames are very suitable for placing pictures, paintings, or artworks.

Meanwhile, the perspex frame is hard, flexible, light, and even recyclable. And it does a good job of clarity and protection. It can display specific artwork more safely and easily.

Therefore, the plexiglass picture frame has become the primary choice for photographers and artists to display their works.

Yes, it is good. Perspex frames are lighter than glass frames, so transportation is more convenient and affordable. And it is also more durable, very suitable for outdoor applications.

In general, the frame acrylic will not break easily. Acrylic is a strong, durable, and flexible material.

Therefore, the plexiglass frame made of acrylic material is equally durable.

Meanwhile, it is stronger than the glass frame and shatterproof. So, even if the acrylic photo frame is broken, it will not harm people.

Generally, it can make you perfectly display your work in places with limited space.

The acrylic floating picture frame complements contemporary works of art. It increases the general aesthetic value of the frame.

Meanwhile, it also creates an attractive surrounding environment.

In a word, using a floating acrylic picture frame helps highlight the artwork’s details.

Acrylic photo frames have high durability.But it also depends on the specific application of the particular acrylic picture frame.

However, if properly maintained, it can last for 20 to 30 years or more.

How Do You Make an Acrylic Frame?

Well, it is easy to make acrylic photo frames. So you can DIY acrylic photo frames at home.

Usually, you only need to prepare some simple tools.

The following is the process of making an perspex frame:

First, get the size of the photo. You need to measure the size of a specific picture.

Second, cut the acrylic sheet into a suitable size. It is a critical step in the whole process.

If the size is not correct, the photo may not fit the size of the frame.

And you need to cut two acrylic plates of the same size.

In addition, when cutting, be sure not to tear off the protective film on the surface of the acrylic sheet.

Third, drill holes. You need to drill holes in the four corners of the acrylic plate.

Put tape on the front and back corners of the two pieces of plexiglass.

Next, mark the hole’s location on the top of the tape. After that, start drilling.

Finally, make sure that the holes on the two pieces of plexiglass match exactly. And the hardware can pass through all the holes.

Fourth, polish the edges. Frosting is one of the best techniques in the polishing of acrylic plates.

Fifth, it is cleaning. Please remove acrylic protective film and clean carefully.

Sixth, fix the photo. Place the photo between the two acrylic plates and fix it with glue.

Finally, choose a suitable location in the room to install the acrylic photo frame.

Is Acrylic or Glass Best for Picture Frames?

Acrylic and glass: which is best for the frame?

We will compare the following aspects and finally conclude.

First of all, in terms of weight.

Plexiglass frames are lighter than glass frames. Therefore, acrylic is easier to transport, reducing transportation costs.

Second, in terms of impact resistance.

Plexiglass frames are more impact-resistant than glass frames.

It is 17 times that of glass. Therefore, the perspex frame is more resistant to breakage.

Third, light transmittance.

The transmittance of perspex frames is 92%, and the transmittance of glass frames is about 86%.

Fourth, the ability to resist ultraviolet rays.

Standard frames acrylic have better UV resistance than glass frames.

In addition, in contrast to the latter, the former does not turn yellow even when exposed to sunlight.

Fifth, it is anti-scratch.

Compared with glass frames, acrylic clear frames tend to scratch easily.

However, removing small scratches from the acrylic frame is always easy.

At present, many manufacturers apply scratch-resistant coatings on the surface of acrylic sheets.

Finally, gloss.

The acrylic photo frame provides a softer light reflection. Therefore, even if it is tilted to a certain angle, it can have a better gloss than glass.

Both glass and acrylic can be used as photo frames.

But in some respects, the acrylic sign frame is better than the glass frame.

Ultimately, the choice may depend on personal preference.

What Is the Difference Between Walled Acrylic Frame And Acrylic Block Frame?

Generally, the acrylic wall mounted frame is a type of frame that is hung or attached to the wall.

On the other hand, an acrylic block frame is also a frame.

It is usually suitable for fashion display. And it has embedded button magnets that hold the frame together.

Their materials are all acrylic, but they usually come in different sizes and designs.

Both apply to the advertising industry.

In conclusion, whichever you choose, the acrylic block frame will help attract attention.

Where in China Can You Find Affordable Acrylic Frames?

Perspex frames are very popular worldwide, and China is no exception.

China has a wide range of suppliers of perspex frames.

Weacrylic is a high-quality custom acrylic frames manufacturer.

We have been engaged in the frame acrylic business for many years and are one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

Meanwhile, we supply and produce different acrylic clear frames to meet your different needs.

We provide first-class and highly customized acrylic frames and meet your specific needs at an amazingly affordable price.

Contact us now for acrylic photo frame information!

How Do Acrylic Frames Compare to Polycarbonate Frames?

Generally speaking, these two materials are popular manufacturing materials.

They have similarities, but there are also differences.

Weight: Both are very light compared to the glass frame.

However, perspex frames are relatively heavier than polycarbonate frames because polycarbonate is naturally a lightweight material.

Strength: In this regard, the polycarbonate frame seems to be stronger than the plexiglass frame.

The polycarbonate frame is 250 times stronger than glass. And the plexiglass clear frame is only 17 times stronger than glass.

Clarity: An acrylic magnetic frame has higher clarity than a polycarbonate frame.

The light transmittance of the acrylic wall frame is about 92%. And the light transmittance of polycarbonate is about 88%.

Gloss: Acrylic frames are better than polycarbonate frames.

It is because acrylic material has a softer reflection than polycarbonate material.

Scratch resistance: Because frame-grade acrylic tends to have better strength than polycarbonate.

Therefore, acrylic is more durable and scratch-resistant than polycarbonate.

However, for polycarbonate frames, you can coat them on the surface. It can enhance its anti-scratch ability.

How to Clean Acrylic Frames?

Acrylic photo frames do get dirty quickly.

Especially if kids like to put their fingerprints on it, sometimes you have to clean your perspex frame.

First, remove the picture from the plexiglass frame to avoid getting wet during the cleaning process.

Next, prepare a bowl of warm water, and then mix a drop or two of mild dishwashing liquid.

After that, wipe the acrylic picture frame with a wet microfiber cloth.

Be gentle. Press it lightly when you see a stubborn fingerprint.

Finally, dry the perspex frame with a dry microfiber cloth.

Don’t let it dry because it will leave stains on the surface of the acrylic frame.

Which Types of Acrylic Frames Are There?

We have a variety of custom acrylic frame options for you to choose from.

  • Acrylic wall frame
  • Angled acrylic frame
  • Wall Mount Acrylic picture Frame
  • Plexiglass shadow box frame
  • Acrylic sandwich board frame
  • Neon Acrylic Frame
  • Acrylic sign holder frame
  • Acrylic LED Light Frame
  • Floating Acrylic Wall Frame
  • Acrylic Gallery Frame 
  • Acrylic Sign Frame

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