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Weacrylic is a professional acrylic mirror sheet China manufacturer. It is a supplier of high-quality plexiglass mirror panels. By extruding acrylic sheets, our machines can produce plexiglass mirror sheets.They have different thicknesses, colors, sizes, and surface treatments. Acrylic mirror letters, acrylic shatterpreef mirror, acrylic one way mirror, custom perspex mirrors are other products we produce.

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Manufacturing Capabilities for Custom Acrylic Mirror Sheet

1. Acrylic Sheets Extruding

Fabricating perspex mirror sheet requires only two processes: extrusion and vacuum coating. We generally choose extruded acrylic panels to make acrylic mirror plates because the extrusion acrylic sheet is thinner than the cast acrylic sheet.

First, we pour the acrylic material into the machine to melt it. Next, the material is poured into a mold and then fed into an extruder for heating. Finally, it is cooled to form a fixed shape. Extrusion acrylic sheet is a continuous production process.

acrylic sheets extruding
Perspex Sheet Vacuum Coating

2. Acrylic Sheets Vacuum Coating

Thermal evaporation is also known as vacuum metallization. It is the most common PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process used to apply metal alloys under vacuum. And it is an essential process in the manufacture of plexiflass mirror plates.

In other words, vacuum metallization is the process of evaporating metal (most commonly aluminum) in a vacuum chamber. It is then bonded to the required acrylic board to achieve a uniform metallization layer.

In conclusion, the durable vacuum metallization process makes the perspex mirror almost scratch-resistant during manufacturing and final use.

Weacrylic is a Trusted Acrylic Mirror Panels Manufacturer And Wholesaler

Using Weacrylic Acrylic Mirror Sheet China to Delight Your Customers

Weacrylic is known for being the best actual acrylic mirror manufacturer. We have been manufacturing some fantastic high-quality acrylic mirror sheets with different sizes, colors, and thicknesses for a long time now.

As an ISO 9001 certified perspex mirror supplier, Weacrylic strictly controls the quality of perspex mirrors. And you can always get high-quality products.

clear plexiglass mirror sheet

Clear Plexiglass Mirror Sheet

Weacrylic produces acrylic clear mirror sheet opal. And we are ready to provide support for your necessities.

colored acrylic mirror panel

Acrylic Colored Mirror Sheet

We provide colored plexiglass mirror sheet solutions at very reasonable prices. It also provides you with a variety of options. 

extruded plexiglass mirror sheet

Extruded Mirror Acrylic Sheet

We can provide you with a variety of acrylic mirror panels and the quality of the perspex mirror sheets will have strict control.

non-glare perspex mirror sheet

Non-glare Perspex Mirror Sheet

As a China acrylic mirror manufacturer, we can provide you with the best mirror acrylic through extrusion, vacuum coating.

Get Eye-Catching Custom Acrylic Mirror Panel

We are also known for manufacturing custom acrylic mirrors, shatterproof mirrors, security convex acrylic mirrors, and more. Our customers are happy with what we have to offer as everything is sent to them timely and in one piece.

We are happy to complete the custom request if you need acrylic sheet mirror for specific projects. You only select the needed color, thickness, width, length, and quantity. Then we will start the customization process.

anti-fog acrylic mirror panel

Fog Free Shower Acrylic Mirror Panel

We can produce acrylic non-fog shower mirrors and have different anti-fog levels.You have a high-quality choice from cost to benefit.
convex acrylic mirror sheet

Convex Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Acrylic convex mirror is a good product to prevent intersection accidents between blind corners and aisles.

decorative plexiglass mirror sheet

Acrylic Decorative Mirror Sheet

Mirrors acrylic are an excellent alternative to glass mirrors.
And they are very suitable for decorative displays.

Gold Acrylic Mirror Panel

Acrylic Gold Mirror Sheet

The golden plexiglass mirror is made of metal finishing our acrylic sheet. We can also produce other colorful plexiglass mirrors.

custom laser cut acrylic mirror sheet

Customized Acrylic Mirror

Meanwhile, we cut plexiglass mirror sheets to size and customize mirror acrylic according to your needs.

Acrylic Gym Mirror

Acrylic Gym Mirror

We provide perspex gym mirrors at very reasonable prices. It also is suitable for the gym.

Acrylic Wall Mirror

Acrylic Wall Mirror

Acrylic wall mirror is the choice of many customers. We can provide other acrylic wall mirror stickers.

Two-way Acrylic Mirror

Two way Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic two way mirror sheet is ideal for commercial surveillance and enhancing home security.

Customized Acrylic Mirror Sheets Wholesale to Skyrocket Your Brand

Why Choose Weacrylic Perspex Mirror Sheets?

We have been in this business for a long time. Therefore, we know what our customers are looking for. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. So, for this reason, we tend to give many options. All our products are made with high-quality acrylic materials which will last for a long time. Each one of our perspex mirror products is reasonably priced. Our products are durable and long-lasting as well. We assure you that all your orders and required mirrors are handled professionally. In addition, we are committed to providing you with suitable acrylic mirrors, high-quality products, and affordable prices.

We use high standard materials and our advanced in-house production to make each sheet. And our acrylic mirrors meet the highest commercial quality standards.

Before further processing, we can apply anti-fog, anti-scratch, super abrasion, anti-glare, and anti-reflection before further processing.
And there are other unique surface treatments to the mirror acrylic.
These are all according to your design.

From our cut to size acrylic mirror sheet to the shatterproof plexiglass mirror, all items come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. So, our customers will have the option to choose according to their requirements.


Acrylic Mirror Sheet Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic mirror sheet is scratch resistance. Most importantly, if your plexiglass mirror has scratches, you can easily remove it with polish.

You can also use a small amount of polishing paste to restore the mirror’s shine . It can get rid of any scratches.

Acrylic mirrors are an excellent alternative to glass mirrors because they are more impact-resistant. And if the acrylic mirror plates happen to break, they won’t break, so they are safer.

It is 1.5mm. In most cases, the thickness of acrylic mirror sheets will not be less than 1.5 mm.

Because the acrylic material is flexible, it can adapt to various irregularities of the supporting surface.Finally, it will form a non-planar, non-smooth surface.

Eventually, the pesrpex mirror panel is partially bent. As a result, the acrylic mirror plate will change the image.In addition, compared to thicker perspex mirrors, thinner plexiglass mirror sheets may compromise optical integrity.

What Is Acrylic Mirror Sheet?

Acrylic mirror sheet is a lightweight, high-reflectivity mirror thermoplastic material. We can apply it in various fields.

Generally speaking, people always pay much attention to the safety of acrylic mirror plates.

But even so, we often use plexiglass mirror sheets in many appearance environments.

And you can always find perspex mirror sheets of various sizes, thicknesses, and colors.

What Are the Benefits of the Acrylic Mirror Panel?

Perspex mirror sheet happens to be one of the most popular our products.

But you also need to consider its applications. Why do people use it instead of glass mirrors?

Nowadays, more and more people give up glass. They usually upgrade their shops or homes with acrylic mirrors.

Mirrors acrylic can provide the following advantages:

Low Cost

Acrylic mirror sheet is comparatively cheaper to buy and needs minimal effort for maintenance.

You do not need harsh, expensive chemicals to clean the surface of such a type of mirror.

You need a mixture of warm water and household detergent along with a soft cloth to clean the acrylic plexiglass mirror.


Acrylic sheet happens to be a very strong material that is resistant to impacts. So, acrylic is a hardy alternative to conventional glass mirrors.

Thus, mirrored acrylic can replace traditional glass where safety is of utmost importance, like in stables, schools, homes.


In addition to being shatter-resistant and flexible, this type of mirror sheet is also lightweight.

To compare, it happens to be half the weight of a traditional glass mirror.

One can easily carry it and reach the destination without fear of breaking it in the process.

It is lightweight also makes it much easier to install an plexiglass mirror sheet.

You can use a suitable adhesive to place the acrylic mirror sheet with great ease.

Also, you can mount with screws with ease.

It is important to mention that to avoid unwanted warping, and you should mount the perspex mirror sheet on a flat surface.

Which Is Better Between Acrylic And Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets?

Generally speaking, acrylic plates and polycarbonate plates are popular thermoplastic materials used to make mirror plates.

They have common attributes so that they can be used interchangeably.

However, they also have subtle differences.

For example, polycarbonate mirror panels are stronger than acrylic mirror panels.

Generally, the strength of a polycarbonate mirror panel is about 250-300 times that of glass.

The acrylic mirror plate is 17-20 times that of glass.

Regarding reflectivity, polycarbonate can absorb more light than acrylic mirror panels.

What Is an Acrylic Two-way Mirror?

It is a translucent mirror. You can observe from the darker side. So it can provide privacy. And the double-sided acrylic mirror depends on the lighting conditions to hide the mirror surface.

Are Our Acrylic Mirror Panels Better Than Glass Mirror Plates?


Generally speaking, acrylic plates and glass plates are popular mirror plates.

However, plexiglass mirror plates provide better characteristics, practicability, and performance than glass mirror plates.

Light transmittance: Compared with glass plates, acrylic mirror panels allow up to about 92% light transmittance.

However, glass can transmit up to about 88% of the light.

Glossiness: The glossiness of the acrylic mirror plate is better than that of the glass mirror plate. In many cases, the glass mirror plate tends to become a little cloudy when it exceeds a certain thickness.

Generally, the material used to make mirror acrylic sheets has a softer light reflection than the latter.

Impact resistance: Compared with glass mirror plates, acrylic mirror plates are very strong. Therefore, the acrylic mirror plate can withstand high pressure and is shatterproof. The glass mirror is easily broken.

Weight: The same size acrylic mirror plate is about 50% lighter than the glass mirror plate. Therefore, the acrylic mirror is easier to handle during the installation process.

Can You Get Customized Plexiglass Mirror Sheets?

Sure! Acrylic mirror plates are often used for different applications in various environments.

Therefore, you can always customize the perspex mirror plate.

It will ensure that you can find an acrylic mirror sheet suitable for your application.

Most importantly, you can consult us to ensure you get the correct custom acrylic mirror design.

Can You Cut the Mirror Acrylic Sheet?

Plexiglass mirror is much stronger than glass and does not shatter as glass do.

Thus, they can be cut and shaped, drilled, and thermoformed.

However, to get proper and clean-cut, you need to cut it specially.

But there is no need to worry as Weacrylic can provide a acrylic mirror cut to size.

Generally, you can use several techniques to cut perspex mirror sheets to size as long as you have the right tools.

Cutting acrylic mirror panels with a handsaw: It is the most suitable approach, particularly for DIY projects.

But it would help if you were meticulous to prevent possible damage to the edges.

Also, you need to use sharp and uniform teeth.

Cutting plexiglass mirror sheets with a scoring knife: It is the easiest method since it hardly requires a power saw or any electrical apparatus.

Laser cut acrylic mirror: It can reduce the size of mirrored plexiglass sheets accordingly.

In this case, you need to have a laser cutter connected to a computer.

Generally speaking, it is best to cut mirrored perspex sheets to size.

You can easily cut acrylic mirror sheets into intricate shapes and still attain accuracy.

How Do You Clean Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

To maintain the best appearance of your acrylic mirror, here are some tips for keeping the mirror clean.

First, use a microfiber cloth to remove dust on the surface. Then, wipe with mild soap and water.

It will help remove any static charges on the sheet. Especially after removing the protective film, this helps avoid attracting more dust.

Please remember not to try to use harsh chemical cleaners because these will cause irreversible damage to the surface of the acrylic mirror.

If your acrylic mirror is slightly scratched, you can easily remove it with high-quality acrylic plastic polish and a soft cloth.

Follow the instructions and gently wipe off the scratches.

Finally, use a clean, soft cloth to remove all residues. Your perspex mirror should look new again.

How Are Acrylic Mirrors Made?

Generally, we use vacuum metalizing.

In this process, the acrylic sheet is given a mirror finish, solidified by a durable protective coating.

Acrylic mirror panel consists of an opaque film of aluminum. We make an acrylic mirror plate in the vacuum chamber by a vacuum metallization process.

We give the acrylic sheet mirror effect in this process, then cure with a durable protective coating.

The front surface is protected with the help of a transparent polyethylene film, while the back has a tough clear coating.

Acrylic mirror sheets are available with options such as abrasion-resistant front surface, protected with a release liner, and pressure-sensitive backing. It makes them more durable and fit the requirement of the customer.

Can You Maintain the Perspex Mirror Sheet?

Yes, you can repair it.

You can use various methods to repair the perspex mirror sheets.

However, the specific technology depends on the degree of damage to the acrylic mirror plate.

Polishing is a better repair technique if it is a slight scratch or cracks.

It can restore the plexiglass mirror panel to its original state.

Polishing needs to remove debris, sticky dust, and slight scratches from the surface of the perspex mirror plate.

Depending on the project’s degree of damage and scalability, you can choose a variety of improvement options.

In addition, steam polishing and flame polishing are common methods for polishing acrylic mirror panels, and you can choose at any time.

How Do You Choose An Acrylic Mirror Supplier in China?

Finding a good acrylic mirror supplier in China is not that hard.

Weacrylic is a leading supplier of excellent plexiglass mirror sheets.

We have been in the perspex mirror business for years and are one of the most trusted in the industry.

If you need customized mirror acrylic sheets to fit your requirements, you can talk to us, and we can surely assist you with your specification.

We provide huge options to ensure that you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Contact us now to get acrylic mirror panels information!

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