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Weacrylic is a leading professional acrylic rod China manufacturer and supplier. We can manufacture acrylic plastic rods by extrusion and casting. Meanwhile, we provide you with acrylic plastic rods of various diameters, transparent and colorful. At the same time, we can cut rods acrylic of different sizes according to your requirements.

acrylic rod China manufacturer

Manufacturing Capabilities for Custom Acrylic Rods

For plexiglass rods, we have a variety of processing techniques. We can obtain different types of perspex rod through various processing techniques. For example, extrusion, casting, cutting, and bending of acrylic rods. We supply and produce many kinds of acrylic bars. They can fully meet your specific needs. Alternatively, you can choose to learn about our acrylic tubes.

extruded acrylic rods

1. Acrylic Rods Extruding

Generally, we use a single screw extruder to manufacture pmma rods. Firstly, feeding dried acrylic particles from a hopper into an extruder. And then, an extrusion screw pushes the molten acrylic forward.

After that, it is cooled. Meanwhile, the acrylic plastic rod is transferred to the automatic tractor. Finally, the cutting machine cuts the extruded acrylic rod into the required size.

2. Acrylic Rods Casting

In general, we fabricate cast acrylic rods by mixing acrylic liquid ingredients in a mold. The production process of the cast plexiglass rod includes five stages. They are creating a mold, pouring raw materials, heating the mold, curing, demolding, and finishing.

When we cast perspex rods, the molecular weight of the pmma rod will be higher. Meanwhile, the processing performance will be better, and the ability to handle pressure/vacuum better. In addition, we can do any drilling or machining on perspex rods.

casting acrylic rod
cut to size acrylic rods

3. Cut to Size Acrylic Rods

We have advanced laser cutting equipment, and we can precisely cut each pmma rod. And our cut-to-size acrylic rods can meet the specific needs of customers. Fully automatic control, high-precision positioning, one-time forming, smooth and flat edges.

Wholesale Customized Plexiglass Rods China to Delight Your Customers

Get Eye-Catching Custom Acrylic Rods

If you need to wholesale acrylic rods China, we will provide various functions, sizes, customization options, etc. Weacrylic is outstanding China manufacturer to meet your needs for acrylic plastic rods. Choose Weacrylic and get what you want now!

triangular plexiglass rod

Acrylic Triangular Rod

Weacrylic provides you with high quality triangular acrylic clear rods. Meanwhile, we also customize plexiglass rods of other shapes.

fluorescent perspex rods

Acrylic Fluorescent Rod

We produces wholesale acrylic light sticks. They are ideal for decorations and lighting with absolute durability.
solid acrylic rod

Acrylic Solid Rod

Weacrylic confidently offers solid acrylic bars for a cheaper price. It has a high level of uniqueness and quality.
square acrylic rod

Square Acrylic Rod

They are great for support, decorations, and other uses. And you can specify square size and length to us.
threaded acrylic rod

Acrylic Threaded Rod

If you want to wholesale acrylic threaded rods, you can choose Weacrylic. We offer you better service.
gold perspex rod

Acrylic Gold Rod

We can produce acrylic gold rod and have different colors.You have a high-quality choice from cost to benefit.

coloured acrylic rod

Acrylic Colored Rod

Color acrylic plastic rod is popular. And it can suit many applications. We have a lot of stock at very affordable prices.

clear plexiglass rod

Clear Acrylic Rod

We are a China supplier of pmma rod. If you want to wholesale acrylic clear rods, we are your best choice.

frosted pmma rod

Acrylic Frosted Rod

Generally, frosted pmma rods are fantastic for decorations and artwork. And they are translucent.

perspex bubble rod

Bubble Acrylic Rod

Weacrylic is your direct choice of bubble acrylic clear rods China. You can customize it for your application.

Different Applications of Perspex Rods

Weacrylic pmma rods China have a wide range of uses and a wide range of products. Most importantly, at Weacrylic, we can design and manufacture acrylic rods China that meet your specifications and application requirements.

custom acrylic rod fabrication

Custom Acrylic Rod

We are able to customize acrylic light rods to provide full support for your project. You can bulk customize.

clear plexiglass curtain rod

Acrylic Curtain Rod

The acrylic curtain rod is ideal for support, decoration. We offer different sizes of clear acrylic shower rods.

led perspex rod

Led Acrylic Rod

The acrylic LED light rod is elegant and attractive. It works for all applications. We are a trusted China perspex rod manufacturer.

lighting plexiglass rod

Acrylic Lighting Rod

You can choose acrylic light sticks in different colors. We have different types and styles and will give you the best quality offer.

Why Choose Weacrylic Plexiglass Rods China?

Weacrylic is an outstanding high-quality China acrylic fabrication company. We have a lot of experience and professional production of pmma rods technology. Meanwhile, we have a series of cast and extruded plexiglass rods. Cast and extruded acrylic provide various benefits to products.

According to your application, we provide you with pmma rod products of the highest quality standards. Therefore, you can easily choose the type you want.In addition, we assure you that all your orders and the acrylic plastic rods you need are professionally processed and optimized.

In conclusion, if you are looking for stronger and more transparent bars, Weacrylic perspex rods China is for you.


Acrylic Rod Frequently Asked Questions

The perspex rod is a bar made of plexiglass. It is a material. And It looks like glass but is better in many ways. We can make acrylic bars by extrusion and casting two processes. The plexiglass rod is stronger than an ordinary glass rod. Meanwhile, it provides better transparency. Also, the pmma rod is 50% lighter than the glass rod.

Acrylic sticks have a certain degree of flexibility and shatter resistance. However, pmma rod will not bend freely.

Acrylic plastic rods have many uses. Therefore, you can use them in many places—for example, bars, restaurants, and clubs.Usually, we select plexiglass rods because of their high capacity for transmitting light. When we place a light source at one end, the pmma rod shines brightly. It will spread the light.In addition, you will also find acrylic plastic rods in many places—for example, aquariums, musical instruments, toys, and lightsabers. Generally, they are ideal for aquariums. The perspex rods attach to aquariums for decorative accessories.

You can use extrusion or casting techniques to make acrylic plastic rods. For acrylic extruded rods, we can make acrylic plastic rods through a single screw extruder. We pour the dried acrylic pellets into the extruder. Then, an extrusion screw pushes the molten acrylic forward. After that, cool down. Finally, we cut to size perspex rods. We have six stages of manufacturing acrylic cast rods. Creating molds, pouring raw materials, heating molds, curing, demolding, and finishing.

Can You Cut Acrylic Rods?

Generally, we cut acrylic plastic rods in a straight line. And it is best to use a traditional table saw, or panel saw.

You can use saw blades specially designed for cutting acrylic, such as three-piece grinding. Carbide tooth saw blades have the best effect.

You can use the equivalent pitch for larger blades. It will give good results.

And every other tooth has a bevel cutting edge on the three grinding saw blades. It helps to remove chips and reduce heat buildup.

However, you have to cut acrylic rods at a low or medium speed because the heat generated during cutting will melt the acrylic. In addition, when cutting bars, you need tools to support acrylic bars.

How Strong Is an Perspex Rod?

A plexiglass rod is ten times stronger than regular glass.

Therefore, it means it does not bend easily. And it will not break if dropped on the floor.

The strength of plexiglass rods varies with their diameter or thickness.

The thicker rods can withstand a lot of weight and impact.

Therefore, they usually support furniture, aquariums, cloth hangers, and other uses.

Meanwhile, thinner rods acrylic can work for lighting, decoration, and other forms of lightweight usage.

How Do You Bend Acrylic Plastic Rod?

Acrylic is a thermoplastic. So you can heat and soft the pmma rod. And it can still maintain its strength and shape after cooling.

If you want to produce a uniform bend in the pmma rod, you need to heat the entire area of the acrylic clear rod evenly.

Therefore, the safest way for you is to use heating tape.

Firstly, you need to wrap the heating tape tightly on the surface of the acrylic clear rod. Start from the bottom of the acrylic rod and wind it to the top edge of the rod.

Then start heating the heating tape. Let acrylic clear rods reach its softening temperature.

Finally, turn off the temperature controller when the rod begins to bend. Then you use a gloved hand to bend the softened acrylic plastic rod firmly.

What Are the Benefits of Plexiglass Rods?

Firstly, it is durable. PMMA rod has excellent mechanical and physical properties.

Secondly, the cast pmma rod is very resistant to high temperature.

Thirdly, The acrylic stick is solid and long in use. Meanwhile, it’s light, half that of glass.

In addition, acrylic plastic rods are easy to process, easy to cut and polish. And it is very suitable for decorations, handicrafts, etc.

How Do You Maintain And Remove Acrylic Sticks?

Acrylic rods are made of solid materials, so we rarely maintain them.

However, you can use soapy, mild water and a soft cleaning cloth.

Please note that ammonia, window cleaners, and other harsh cleaners can damage the perspex rod and cause it to crack.

Therefore, please only use products specifically designed for acrylic care and cleaning.

In conclusion, you have to handle it carefully to maintain its service life.

How Do You Choose China Acrylic Rod Supplier?

Acrylic plastic rods are very popular worldwide, and China is no exception.

There are many excellent acrylic clear rod China manufacturers.

Weacrylic is a leading China acrylic rods supplier.

We have been in the perspex rods business for years. Meanwhile, we are one of the most trusted in the industry.

We supply and produce different plexiglass rods China that cater to your home and professional building needs.

In addition, we have continuously developed our product by employing the best people.

If you need customized acrylic plastic rods China fabrication, you can talk to us. We can surely assist you with your specification. We also see that we have it all at an affordable price.

Contact us now to get acrylic clear rods wholesale information!

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