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Weacrylic is one of the professional acrylic sign China manufacturers. As a perspex signage supplier, we can produce different ones. For example, plexiglass sign stand, acrylic office signs, acrylic sheet signage, acrylic wall sign, etc. Meanwhile, we also provide customized perspex signs service.

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Use Weacrylic Acrylic Sheets to Manufacture Acrylic Sign

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The raw material of sign acrylic is acrylic sheet. We usually have two ways to fabricate acrylic sheets, extrusion and casting. We have professional production equipment and manufacturing process.

Usually, our perspex signs manufacturing process includes laser cutting, screen printing, polishing, bending, etc.

In conclusion, as a China acrylic sign manufacturer, we are happy to manufacture excellent plexiglass signs to meet your needs.

Perspex signs have different forms. We can customize the size, shape, color, and packaging. We will provide the best solution.

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Frosted Acrylic Sign

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Acrylic Light Signs

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Clear Acrylic Signage

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Acrylic Led Sign

Application Types of Acrylic Sign

Weacrylic is a custom plexiglass sign China supplier. We have CNC, screen printing, drilling, bonding and other complete manufacturing capacity. So, we can make different types of perspex signage for you. Meanwhile, our signage have strict inspections of various parameters to ensure the highest quality. In Weacrylic, we offer acrylic signage in different sizes and thicknesses, perfect for your specific application. There are also many colors, shapes and styles for you to choose from. 

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Acrylic Sign Holders

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Acrylic Sign Letters

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Sign Board Acrylic

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Acrylic Sign Stand

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Acrylic Office Signs

Engraved Plexiglass Sign

Engraved Plexiglass Signs

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Acrylic Wedding Signs

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Acrylic Door Sign

Weacrylic: Your Leading Custom China Acrylic Sign Manufacturer And Wholesaler

As a leading China acrylic sign maker, we have professional factories and equipment to fabricate signage. For example, we have advanced equipment, first-class technology, professional team. Therefore, we can quickly complete your order and deliver on time. If you need to wholesale  acrylic signage China, Weacrylic is your best choice. These perspex signs include acrylic name sign, business acrylic signs, custom plexiglass signs stand, acrylic office signs, outdoor perspex signs, and more. And we will choose the appropriate manufacturing process to create your plexiglass signage. Meanwhile, we will provide various functions, sizes, customization, etc. In addition, we also have other acrylic products. For example, acrylic box, acrylic frames.

Manufacturing Capabilities for Custom Plexiglass Signs

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Acrylic Bonding

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Bend Acrylic

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Acrylic Assembly

Wholesale Customized Acrylic Signs Manufactured in China

Why Choose Weacrylic Perspex Sign?

Weacrylic is a professional China custom acrylic signs supplier, and you can wholesale China acrylic signs from us. At Weacrylic, we provide signs of different sizes and thicknesses. It also has customized services according to your project requirements.

Acrylic plastic sign laser cutting, plastic processing, plastic thermoforming, plastic extrusion, and acrylic polishing are the capabilities we can do. In addition, we can make special surface treatments for perspex signs—for example, anti-fog, ultra-wear, anti-glare, etc.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Weacrylic has strong quality control. Our in-house production will save you effort and reduce costs. And you can use plexiglass sign at a very affordable price.

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Acrylic Signage Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, perspex signs are made of cast polymer. It is colorless, transparent, and durable.

Therefore, perspex signs are a perfect substitute for traditional glass signs.

Perspex signs are very suitable for halls, exhibitions, and offices.

You can use plexiglass signs to indicate the direction of the hall.

Yes, it will. When using acrylic plastic signs, it is easy to scratch.

Therefore, you should handle the signs carefully when installing. You need to ensure that the signs are correctly installed and regularly maintained.

In addition, take care to avoid contact with sharp objects.

When cleaning signs acrylic, only use non-abrasive cloth.

In general, there is no minimum thickness for your acrylic signs.

It depends on the application, the design, the printing option, and the size.

However, the thicker the sign, the more durable it is.

Yes. I can laser cut plexiglass signs to size.

In addition, we can customize your perspex signs into the shape you want.

Plexiglass sign cutting is cutting into shapes with sharp edges.

Generally, such standard shapes include rectangles, circles, squares, triangles, etc.

What Are the Advantages of Acrylic Sign?

Features of plexiglass signs include:

First, it is transparency.

Plexiglass signs are transparent. So people can read the signs.

You can create unique effects through acrylic transparent signs.

Whether installed indoors or outdoors, they can instantly change the atmosphere of your office.

Second, durable.

Compared with glass signs, perspex signs are more durable.

Perspex signs are not easy to break. So you can use them for a long time.

Third, economical.

The manufacturing cost of plexiglass signs is relatively low. And they are relatively cheaper than glass signs.

Therefore, if you buy signs acrylic, you can save a lot of money because their installation costs are lower than glass signs.

Next, it is rigidity.

Custom plexiglass sign non-flexibility is very high. And it can be applied to a wide range of applications.

And we can customize different shapes and designs according to your needs.

Then, it is strong UV resistance.

Sign acrylic can withstand various environmental conditions, such as some extreme environments.

Because acrylic has strong UV resistance, therefore, you can rest assured to use acrylic clear signs.

Finally, it is lightweight.

Compared with glass, signs acrylic are relatively light. Therefore, acrylic clear signs are easier to transport and install.

Is the Acrylic Sign better than Glass Sign?

Compared with glass signs, acrylic signage offers a wide range of advantages.

The plexiglass sign weighs half the weight glass weighs.

It is easy to process perspex signs. So you can saw, bend, or mill.

Acrylic is ten times stronger than glass.

Glass is more scratch-resistant than acrylic, but we can coat acrylic labels.

Signs acrylic are cheaper to manufacture than glass signs.

The scratched sign acrylic can be polished but scratched glass most likely needs to be replaced.

How Do You Make an Acrylic Sign?

The process of making acrylic signs is as follows:

First, cut acrylic sheets.

This step is cutting the acrylic sheet into the shape of your perspex sign.

When you cut acrylic sheets, you need not destroy the entire acrylic sheet.

Generally speaking, we have different methods of cutting acrylic sheets.

We usually use laser cutting or manual cutting.

According to your requirements, cut to size acrylic sheets.

Second, bond acrylic.

You need to use a unique adhesive to glue the acrylic sheets together in this stage.

Third, polish acrylic sheets.

Polishing is to provide a smooth, clean surface for your plexiglass signage.

To properly polish, you need to remove the dirt on the perspex sign and apply fresh paint to it.

And if need be, you can apply a layer of polish to that glossy surface.

The purpose of this step is to make the plexiglass sign attractive.

Next, engrave acrylic signage.

You need to engrave signs and symbols on your sign board acrylic at this stage.

We usually use laser engraving of perspex signs.

Finally, it is screen printing on signage.

Acrylic sign printing is a popular technique in the manufacture of signage.

You can easily print letters, numbers, or any form of drawings on your signage.

Or, you can use other printing techniques according to your unique requirements and specifications.

What Are Acrylic Signs Used for?

It applies in many ways, such as offices, stores, trade shows, and even home decor.

If you are a retail store and want to attract customers on the street, you can use custom perspex signage.

Or you can use it at a trade show. Plexiglass signage are common in exhibition forums. And people use them to display their objects.

Custom plexiglass signage will attract more attention and make your company look more professional.

In addition, signs acrylic are an excellent choice for wayfinding signs.

Because of its visual appeal, it ensures that people pay attention to directions.

And acrylic signs are durable, so you don’t have to worry about damaged signs.

How Do You Engrave Acrylic Signs?

In general, laser engraving is a method often used in factories.

Engrave the logo on your acrylic logo by using a laser machine.

It is an effective and efficient way to engrave signs.

You can engrave different patterns in a short period.

However, when you use this method, moderate heating is required. Because too much heat will burn your signs.

Generally, you need professionals to operate the engraving machine. They are especially adjusting the temperature and engraving different patterns.

Rotary engraving is another method.

It refers to the engraving process using the rotary cutting tool in the electric spindle.

Compared with laser engraving, this method is relatively cheap.
However, its efficiency is relatively low, and its application areas are few.

Or you can etch. Etching refers to the use of different chemicals to make perspex signs.

You need to apply chemicals on the acrylic plate and form the acrylic sign you want.

However, the effect of this method is not obvious.

Also, you need to check them before using chemicals to avoid harm to you and acrylic.

Can You Polish Acrylic Signs?

Yes. You can polish perspex signs.

The surface of polished signs will be smoother and shiny.

The surface of the unpolished sign is matte and opaque.

If you need to polis signs, we can provide the best polishing solution.

Can You Print on Both Sides of Plexiglass Signage?

Yes! It is ideal if you want perspex signs to be clear and opaque.

Double-sided printing refers to printing the back and front of signs.

It will give the sign a matte finish.

Is Perspex Signage Better Than Polycarbonate Sign?

Generally, acrylic and polycarbonate are suitable for the sign industry.

Both materials are available in clear sheets.

However, both materials have different properties. That includes:

Color Display.

Signs acrylic can offer a better color display than polycarbonate signs.

Also, we can polish the edges of signs, which will enhance the color display.

On the other hand, it isn’t easy to polish the edges of a polycarbonate sign. And it will reduce the color display.

Impact Strength.

Polycarbonate signs have a high impact strength.

It is 50 times more impact strength than an acrylic sign.

Light and Clarity.

Custom perspex signs have a high clarity level at 92 percent, but polycarbonates have 88 percent.


Both polycarbonate signs and perspex signs are easy to clean. The best choice for cleaning is 100-percent cotton cloths.


Polycarbonate signs are more expensive than signs acrylic. It tends to cost about 35% more for the material.


Both perspex signs and polycarbonate signs are weather resistant.

The sign acrylic is more likely to shatter than the polycarbonate sign because of its poor impact resistance.

The polycarbonate sign has low flammability, but the acrylic sign will burn slowly. Therefore, it is not suitable for areas where flames may exist.

How Do You Hang an Acrylic Sign?

You can use two methods to mount a sign acrylic on your wall.

Whichever method, you need to have a drill, a lever, a ruler, and a screwdriver.

First, it is placing standoff bolts.

Firstly, you need to place your sign on the wall and use a lever to ensure the sign is upright.

Secondly, you mark four points on the wall using a pencil.

Then, you need to carefully drill four holes in the edge of the sign and the wall with a drill.

After that, place the sign on the wall while ensuring that the holes on the acrylic sign are aligned with the holes on the wall.

Finally, you need to insert the bracket bolts into the holes and tighten them with screws.

Second, it is hanging using a wire.

You need a hook to hang the sign on the wall in this process.

First, you need to place the sign on the wall and align it.

Next, you use a ruler to mark the middle point of the plexiglass sign on the wall.

After that, drill a hole in the middle point and tighten it with a screwdriver.

Finally, place a wire on the two top edges of the perspex sign and hang it on the hook on the wall.

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