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Weacrylic is a leading China acrylic stand manufacturer. We have professionally provided and designed plexiglass stand for many years. Meanwhile, we manufacture different acrylic display stands. For example, acrylic clear stand, acrylic jewelry stand, acrylic standoff, and more. In addition, we can custom acrylic display stand according to your needs. Contact Weacrylic.

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Get Weacrylic Acrylic Stands to Meet Your Needs

Weacrylic is a custom acrylic stand China manufacturer. We have CNC, screen printing, drilling, bonding and other complete manufacturing capacity. So, we can make different types of perspex stand for you. Meanwhile, our acrylic display stands have strict inspections of various parameters to ensure the highest quality. We can provide custom acrylic display stands on demand. In conclusion, if you want to wholesale acrylic stands, Weacrylic is a good choice. In addition, we manufacture other acrylic displays products. For example, acrylic sign, acrylic boxes, acrylic frame.

Acrylic Book Stand

Acrylic Book Stand

Acrylic Monitor Stand

Acrylic Monitor Stand

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Floor Acrylic Stand

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Acrylic Night Stand

Plexiglass Phone Stand

Acrylic Phone Stand

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Clear Acrylic Sign Stand

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Acrylic Brochure Stand

Perspex cake stand

Acrylic Cake Stands

Weacrylic: Your Leading Custom Acrylic Stand China Manufacturer And Wholesaler

Weacrylic is a acrylic display stand China supplier. We have professional factories and equipment to fabricate plexiglass stands. Meanwhile, we have strictly tested all raw materials before processing. And we have advanced equipment, first-class technology, professional team. Therefore, we have it all here if you are looking for perspex stands. You can wholesale acrylic clear stands to us at very affordable prices. In conclusion, we can customize different perspex stands according to your needs. We can manufacture acrylic plate stand, acrylic menu stand, acrylic jewelry stand, and more.

Manufacturing Capabilities for Custom Acrylic Stand

acrylic bonding

Acrylic Bonding

acrylic bending

Bend Acrylic

acrylic assembly

Acrylic Assembly

Wholesale Customized Acrylic Stands Manufactured in China

Why Choose Weacrylic Acrylic Display Stands?

As a professional perspex stand China manufacturer, we have different sizes, shapes, and colors. Fortunately, our team is made up of experts from all manufacturing processes. Meanwhile, they guarantee you the perfect plexiglass stand. 

In addition, we have professional manufacturing capabilities. For example, we have acrylic laser cutting, plastic processing, thermoforming, extrusion, cast, and acrylic polishing. We use high-quality acrylic materials and precise laser cutting to ensure consistency.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Weacrylic has robust quality control. We will conduct a comprehensive inspection of each acrylic stand before shipment. In addition, we can quickly complete your order and deliver on time. 

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Acrylic Stand Frequently Asked Questions

The perspex stand is a fixture, and it is suitable for displaying items or goods.

Therefore, many stores and retail stores use acrylic display stands as fixtures to display their products because they are stylish and transparent.

They are stands made from transparent acrylic material.

Meanwhile, the plexiglass stand has strong durability.

Generally speaking, the raw material of the plexiglass stand is acrylic.

Acrylic is the generic name for plexiglass (also known as Perspex). Acrylic is a type of plastic.

We are a China acrylic displays manufacturer and supplier. And we wholesale plexiglass stands worldwide.

Meanwhile, we can also make the customized acrylic display stand for you.

Both small and large acrylic display stands are perfect for displaying product attributes—especially the clear acrylic display stand.

Yes, the plexiglass stand is durable.

Stands are made from acrylic, so they are highly durable and last for an extended period.

Acrylic materials are almost unbreakable compared to other materials.

The acrylic clear stand is made of durable, high-quality material.

Meanwhile, there are many plexiglass stands. So it is suitable for different applications.

Among these acrylic displays, floor-standing acrylic displays can grab attention and make passersby stop and pay attention to the signage.

In addition, the acrylic clear stand can display popular jewelry.

POP displays are great for promoting products or services in any retail store.

In short, the application of acrylic stand is very wide, and it is suitable for many places, such as:

Jewelry stores
Retail stores
Businesses who promote products with brochures
Home displays
Shopping malls
Exclusive stores

What Are the Advantages of Acrylic Stand?

Today, many retailers like to use plexiglass stands to display products.

Acrylic display stands provide a clean and simple look. Here are many advantages of using acrylic display stands:

Attractive Appearance

Acrylic display stands give a professional and clean look.

Plexiglass stands have glossy and high-transparency features. So they have an attractive appearance.

Meanwhile, you can have acrylic colored stands.

You can also choose to customize plexiglass stands.

Durable and Longer Lifespan

They are highly durable and last for an extended period.

Plexiglass stands last longer compared to wooden or metallic stands.

They usually last 5 to 10 years long.

Low Weight

Acrylic display stands have half a weight compared to glass ones.

High Impact Resistance

The plexiglass stand has about 17 times more impact resistance capacity than glass.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the perspex stands is quite a simple process.

You need to avoid using regular polish.

Meanwhile, clean them once or twice a month.

Low Cost

The acrylic display stands are cheaper than wood or metallic shelves.

In conclusion, the plexiglass stand offers a perfect opportunity to display all types of products.

At the same time, it provides a lot of sizes at more affordable prices.

How to Clean Acrylic Display Stands?

Acrylic display stands are very popular these days. You can easily find them anywhere.

For example, you will see acrylic cosmetic display stands in cosmetic stores. It showcases the makeup well.

Acrylic display racks have become part of our lives. You can easily see it, touch it, feel it.

So how to clean the acrylic display stand?

In general, there are many methods for cleaning acrylic stands.

However, it mainly depends on acrylic stand designs and the dirt you remove.

To properly clean your acrylic clear stand, you need the right choice of fabric and cleaning products.

If you want to remove oil stains on plexiglass stands, you can use cotton or cloth with white wine.

Smoothly wipe it until an appearance is bright.

If the acrylic display stand in Phnom Penh is dirt, you can use a towel with beer to remove the dirt. It’s clean and bright.

Alternatively, if the acrylic display has the paint, you can use vinegar.

When scrubbing the acrylic display stand, you first use chalk greywater or gypsum water. After drying, wipe with a dry cloth. This makes it easy to wipe off dirt and polish.

If you want to add some shine to the acrylic display, put some blue enamel in the water.

If there are wax marks, you can scrub with hot soapy water and a few drops of ammonia.

Keep in mind that an acrylic display’s surface can easily be scratched by harsh cleaners, scrubbers, and even paper towels. So, you need to be careful during the cleaning process.

You should always keep your acrylic display as new using the above methods.

Feel free to contact Weacrylic acrylic display stand, and we will customize acrylic clear stands for you.

How Do You Choose Acrylic Stands China Manufacturer?

Acrylic stands are very popular worldwide, and they are very suitable for all kinds of retail stores.

There are many high-quality acrylic display stand manufacturers in China.

Our acrylic display stands include acrylic clear stand, acrylic sign stand, acrylic book stand, acrylic floor display stand and so on.

If your business needs acrylic clear stands, Weacrylic is your top China custom plexiglass stands supplier.

We have been in the perspex stands business for years. Meanwhile, we are one of the most trusted in the industry.

In addition, we have continuously developed our product by employing the best people.

In conclusion, if you need customized acrylic display stands, you can talk to us. We can surely assist you with your specification. We also provide high-quality acrylic display stands at an affordable price.

Contact us now to get perspex stand information!

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