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Weacrylic is a professional leading acrylic tube China manufacturer. We can manufacture acrylic pipes using both extrusion and casting processes. In addition, we offer you plexiglass tubes in various diameters, wall thicknesses, clear and colored. At the same time, we can cut acrylic tubes in different sizes according to your requirements. The acrylic tubing is strong and lightweight, and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

acrylic tube China manufacturer

Manufacturing Capabilities for Custom Acrylic Tubes

For acrylic pipes, we have a variety of processing techniques. We can obtain different types of plexiglass tubes through other processing techniques. For example, extrusion, casting, cutting, and bending of acrylic plastic tubes. Meanwhile, we supply and produce many kinds of plexiglass tubes. They can fully meet your specific needs. Alternatively, you can choose to learn about our acrylic rods.

Extruded Acrylic Tube

1. Acrylic Tubes Extruding

We manufacture extrusion acrylic plastic tubes by extrusion polymerization of poly (methyl methacrylate). It is a processing method through the interaction between the extruder barrel and the screw. The diameter of the acrylic extrusion tube can be from 1.5mm to 300mm.

The clear extruded pmma tube comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Therefore, there are selections for acrylic extruded tubes. For example, clear pipes, colored, in any length and diameter. And it is less expensive compared to the acrylic cast tubes.

2. Acrylic Tubes Casting

The cast acrylic tube has transparency similar to glass. It is cast in a mold and polished inside and outside. Transparent cast acrylic pipe sizes range from 1.50 “OD to 24” OD. It has various internal diameters. And its maximum length is 72 inches. Lengths greater than 72 inches require two or more tubes to be glued together.

In addition, the acrylic cast tube has more excellent thermal stability, higher optical clarity, better chemical resistance than the acrylic extruded tube. In conclusion, there are various lengths and diameters. It depends on your building requirement and wall thickness. 

Casting Acrylic Pipe
Cutting Acrylic Tube

3. Cut to Size Acrylic Tubes

Acrylic pipes have a wide range of colors and sizes. They are easy to process. The best option is laser cut to cut acrylic tubes clean and straight. Our factory has advanced laser cutting equipment. It includes cutting and engraving. So, we can meet your custom requirements.

4. Bend Acrylic Tubes

The acrylic tubing is hard, and it is not as easy to handle as PVC material. Therefore, we need to bend it through a “thermoforming” process.

In other words, it is to heat the plxiglass tube to soften it. And then press to make it close to the mold surface, and obtain the same shape as the mold surface. Finally, after cooling and shaping, the bend can be completed.

bend acrylic tube

Wholesale Customized Plexiglass Tubes China to Delight Your Customers

Get Eye-Catching Custom Acrylic Tube

If you need to wholesale acrylic tubes China, we will provide various functions, sizes, customization options, etc. Weacrylic is the good China manufacturer to meet your needs for acrylic plastic pipes. Choose Weacrylic and get what you want now!

translucent acrylic tube

Acrylic Translucent Tube

If you are looking for unique translucent perspex tube China, Weacrylic can provide them. You can wholesale them at an affordable price.

fluorescent plexiglass tube

Acrylic Fluorescent Tube

We produces wholesale acrylic light pipes. They are ideal for decorations and lighting with absolute durability.

clear square acrylic pipe

Clear Square Acrylic Tube

Weacrylic is a professional China acrylic square pipe supplier. We supply high quality acrylic square tubes China worldwide.

threaded pmma pipe

Acrylic Threaded Tube

If you want to wholesale acrylic threaded pipes, you can choose Weacrylic. We offer you better service.

color acrylic pipe

Acrylic Colored Pipe

Acrylic colored plastic tube is popular. We have the ability to manufacture pmma tubes of different colors.

clear plexiglass tube

Clear Acrylic Tube

We are a professional clear acrylic pipes China manufacturer. And we fabricate good clear plexiglass tubes by production equipment.

frosted perspex tube

Acrylic Frosted Tube

Generally, frosted plexiglass pipes are fantastic for decorations and artwork. And they are translucent.

custom acrylic tube

Custom Acrylic Pipe

Weacrylic is your direct choice of  acrylic pipes. You can customize different shapes of tubes acrylic for your application.

Different Applications of Perspex Tubes

Weacrylic acrylic plastic tubes have a wide range of uses and a wide range of products. Most importantly, at Weacrylic, we can design and manufacture China acrylic pipes that meet your specifications and application requirements.

pmma bracelet pipe

Acrylic Tube Bracelet

Tube acrylic bracelets are fun accessories. You can mix and match with other accessories. We provide custom pmma pipe service.

acrylic test tube

Acrylic Test Tube

Acrylic test tube is suitable for storing chemicals. You can customize test tube length and thickness according to your needs.

plexiglass light pipe

Acrylic Light Tube

The acrylic LED light rod is elegant and attractive. It works for all applications. We are a trusted perspex tube China manufacturer.

Acrylic Pipe Aquarium

Acrylic Tube Aquarium

You can choose acrylic light sticks in different colors. We have different types and styles and will give you the best quality offer.

Weacrylic: Leading Customized Acrylic Pipes China Manufacturer And Wholesaler

Why Choose Weacrylic Acrylic Tubes China?

Weacrylic is an outstanding China acrylic pipe fabrication company. We have advanced technology and equipment. Through manufacturing facilities, we fabricate cast and extrude clear acrylic plastic tubes. Meanwhile, we use different techniques to manufacture and assemble—for example, laser cutting acrylic plate, acrylic polishing, etc.

In addition, we offer a custom acrylic tube service. You only need to provide the size, thickness, and we will do our best to complete your order.

In conclusion, with our extensive industry experience, we know how to take care of our customers. We provide high-quality tubes at very competitive prices and deliver your orders on time.


Acrylic Pipes Frequently Asked Questions

An acrylic tubing is ten times stronger than regular glass. The perspex tube is a strong and rigid material. Meanwhile, it is lightweight. The extruded acrylic pipe has high resistance. So it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

It is not easy to break. The acrylic tubing has high impact strength. So it can withstand extremely high temperatures. And it can’t lose its inherent characteristics.

The acrylic pipe is mainly resistant to scratching. This is another excellent quality of acrylic plastic tubes. But it is not 100% scratch resistant. However, pmma tubes are more scratch-resistant than polycarbonate tubes. Don’t worry, and you can also have it polished to restore the finish. You can buy some brand of fix-it product that can remove the shallow scratch. If you want to improve the scratch resistance of the acrylic clear tube, you can apply a scratch-resistant coating.

Yes, I can. You can use ordinary metal drill bits. But the clear plexiglass tube is hollow. So it is easier to melt, chip, crack or break. Therefore, you should make sure to move slowly. In addition, you need to stop frequently to cool the drill bit and support the tube while the process continues.

How Can You Cut Acrylic Tubes?

You can cut acrylic plastic tubes by a power saw, hacksaw, tubing cutters, or even a handsaw.

The fastest would be the power saw. A hacksaw is another option. But you need to choose a sharp blade if you don’t want to have a rougher edge.

If you have a table saw available, that is also another option. But you need to know how to operate it before using it.

Laser cutting is also another ideal choice. It can cut the acrylic clear tube into a specific size.

All you need is to connect the laser machine to the computer. Then install and use specific software, and finally cut the plexiglass tube into the appropriate size.

Laser-cut perspex tube is common in most industrial environments. It may be the best technique.

How Do You Make Clear Acrylic Plastic Tubes?

You can use extrusion or casting techniques to make acrylic clear tubes.

However, acrylic extrusion is the most commonly used method.

The process of extrusion acrylic clear tube is as follows.

Firstly, choose high-quality acrylic materials.

In addition, you can also choose colors according to the type of acrylic tubing you want.

Secondly, melt the acrylic material.

Pour the acrylic material into a bucket with a rotating screw and heater.

Then, it starts to heat up.

The rotating screw will promote the melting process of the acrylic material.

Thirdly, extrusion of the acrylic pipe.

A long screw is attached. It will force the raw material towards a die.

The die is shaped equipment. It will also shape the material with the help of heat. Then further melt the material.

Finally, cooling and shaping acrylic pipe.

After that, you will cool down and cut the size of the acrylic clear pipe.

What Is Acrylic Tubes Used for?

There are two types of perspex tubes: acrylic extruded tubes and acrylic cast tubes.

The two types of perspex tubes have different uses.

Acrylic extruded tubes are mainly suitable for selling display and decorative furniture pieces.

1. Decorative furniture pieces
2. Toys
3. POP displays
4. Awards/Trophies
5. Fluorescent tubes

However, cast acrylic pipes are suitable for the food processing industry and petroleum, manufacturing work, natural gas, pipeline research, marking, display, etc.

Meanwhile, it is also ideally used for reinforcement and other decorative works.

1. Signage and lighting fixtures
2. Aquariums
3. Machine parts

How Do You Bend an Acrylic Pipe?

Acrylic pipes can be suitable for various projects, from plumbing to crafts.

In some cases, you may need to bend the acrylic tubing to connect parts or workaround fixed objects properly.

Bending an acrylic pipe is a relatively simple process.

So how does the acrylic tube bend?

It’s a bit difficult actually to operate. Need to be mentally prepared?

Materials you need:
acrylic pipe
adhesive strip
heat gun

Perspex tubes are easy to deform under extremely high-temperature conditions.

Therefore, we need to fill the hollow tube to prevent this deformation from damaging the pmma pipe.

You can use sand. But you’re better off using glue strips. It is more convenient.

Then you need to prepare a strip of the right size to fit perfectly into your pmma pipe.

After that, you need to use a heat gun to heat the pmma tubing. And place the heat gun vertically on the table.

Most importantly, the temperature cannot be too high.

The plexiglass tube will generate air bubbles if the temperature is too high.

So, you want to control between 160 degrees Celsius to 270 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, don’t stay in the same area for too long during the heating process.

You can rotate the pmma pipe left and right. It will heat it evenly.

In addition, the bending process also requires continuous heating. Pay attention to the uniform heating. It depends on your hand control.

Finally, wait for the acrylic pipe to cool and remove the rubber strip.

It ends here. You can get a perfectly curved acrylic tube.

What Are the Benefits of Plexiglass Tubes?

Weather resistance: Generally, acrylic plastic tubes do not yellow quickly under ultraviolet radiation.

Highly durable: it will not be easy to break under high impact.

Scratch resistance: Clear plexiglass tubes can withstand scratches compared to polycarbonate tubing. Meanwhile, it stays in good condition for a long time.

Easy to work: You can easily cut acrylic pipe to the correct size or drill holes or sawed.

Easy to clean and maintain: Old soap and water will do simple cleaning. Or you can buy a gentle cleaning solution specifically for use with plexiglass tubes.

In conclusion, it is the preferred material by many because it is lightweight and of high quality.

What Is the Difference Between Acrylic Extruded Tubes And Acrylic Cast Tubes?

In terms of cost, extruded acrylic pipes are cheaper than cast acrylic pipes.

In addition, compared with extruded acrylic pipes, cast acrylic pipes have higher chemical resistance. So we often use it in the laboratory.

Cast acrylic tubes can also be quickly processed and bonded. But we can’t process extruded acrylic pipes.

How Does an Perspex Tube Compare to a Polycarbonate Tube?

Impact resistance: Acrylic tubing is 17 times the impact resistance of standard glass.

However, polycarbonate tubes are usually more impact-resistant because it is 250 times the impact resistance of standard glass.

Therefore, the pmma tube has poor impact resistance.

Elasticity: Polycarbonate tube is more elastic than the tube acrylic.

Cost: Acrylic clear tubes are cheaper than polycarbonate tubes.

Finally, acrylic pipes are more prone to cracking during processing. However, polycarbonate tubes are more prone to scratches.

How Do You Choose China Acrylic Tube Supplier?

Acrylic clear tubes are very popular worldwide, and China is no exception.

Of course, there are many excellent plexiglass tube China manufacturers.

Weacrylic is a leading acrylic clear tubes China manufacturer and supplier.

We have been in the China plexiglass tubes business for years and are one of the most trusted in the industry.

Meanwhile, we have continuously developed our product by employing the best people.

In addition, we supply and produce different acrylic pipes. That will cater to your home and professional building needs.

If you need wholesale customized acrylic pipes you can talk to us. We can surely assist you with your specification. We also see that we have it all at an affordable price.

Contact us now to get acrylic tube wholesale information!

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