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Weacrylic is a professional extruded acrylic sheet China manufacturer. We can provide high-grade extruded sheets according to the standard of each customer.You can wholesale acrylic extruded sheets according to design, thickness and size.

extruded acrylic sheet China manufacturer

How Acrylic Extruded Sheets Are Made?

Generally, we fabricate extruded acrylic sheet by melting acrylic raw material. And then it will form an acrylic sheet with the expected texture and thickness. After a continuous production process, the edges of sheets will be smooth. To sum up, the continuity of the extruded acrylic production process is more excellent than cast acrylic. Therefore, it is a more economical material.

acrylic extruded sheet China
  • Firstly, melting acrylic resin or pellets (granules) in a machine. And then pour it into a mold.
  • Secondly, feed them into the extruder and then heat until producing the molten material.
  • Thirdly, the machine puts the acrylic extruded from the die to the conveyor belt for cooling. The mold automatically solidifies the molten material into the final shape.
  • Finally, the cutter cuts acrylic sheet to special size.

Manufacturing with Acrylic Extruded Sheets

1. Cut to Size Acrylic Extruded Panels

We can cut acrylic sheets to size. Weacrylic uses precision CNC equipment to cut acrylic sheets with beautiful edges accurately.

You can also use circular saws, band saws, and jigsaws to cut acrylic sheets. A fine-tooth hacksaw is a good choice for small jobs.

cut to size extruded sheet
laser engraving acrylic sheet

The laser cutting machine cuts extruded plastic sheets by melting, burning, or vaporizing materials.

Laser cutting is very accurate and can cut highly complex designs. And the laser cutting of the acrylic sheet will leave a smooth edge. Therefore, there is no need for further edge finishing.

3. Acrylic Extruded Sheet Vacuum Coating

Actually, vacuum coating is an essential process for manufacturing acrylic mirror sheets.

Our equipment adopts resistance heating in the vacuum chamber. And it melts and vaporizes the metal wire (aluminum wire) cling to the resistance wire.

The vaporized metal molecules are deposited on the substrates to gain a smooth film and high reflectivity. Therefore, the surface of the items can be decorated and beautified.

Acrylic Sheet Vacuum Coating

Weacrylic: Your Leading Extruded Acrylic Sheets China Manufacturer And Wholesaler

Weacrylic is a leading extruded acrylic China manufacturer and supplier. We can make perfect extruded sheets China through our processing technology. For example, extrusion, cutting, polishing, gluing, bending, etc. And our brand is better than those of its competitors in many ways. We also provide tight tolerances for extruded acrylic sheets. So, you can wholesale extruded sheets China from our factory.

Wholesale Weacrylic Extruded Acrylic Sheets China

Extruded acrylic plates are very good sheets and have good performance. Therefore, Weacrylic offers a wide range of China extruded sheets types for specific board applications.

We are happy to complete the custom request if you need acrylic extruded plastic sheets for specific projects. And, you only need to select the needed color, thickness, width, length, and quantity. Then we start the customization process.

Most importantly, we can make many acrylic products through acrylic extruded sheets China. And we meet the needs of different markets. From acrylic display stands to acrylic boxes or acrylic signs, you can buy or wholesale them on Weacrylic.

clear acrylic extruded sheet

Clear Acrylic Extruded Sheets

We offer a wide range of standard clear extruded panels online, and we are able to finish your order in a timely and quality manner.

extruded frosted acrylic sheet

Acrylic Frosted Extruded Sheets

Our unpolished extruded sheet can make it into colored frosted acrylic sheets. We provide high quality acrylic sheet products.

Colored Acrylic Extruded Sheets

Colored Acrylic Extruded Sheets

We provide color extruded sheet solutions at very reasonable prices. Also, we provide you with a variety of options.

extruded transparent acrylic sheet

Extruded Transparent Acrylic Sheets

Transparent acrylic sheet has bright color and smooth surface. So It is the choice of many customers. We can provide sheets in different sizes.

acrylic frame

At Weacrylic, we have dozens of acrylic frames to choose from and we can customize them to your needs.

displays acrylic
Choose high-quality displays acrylic, and you can perfectly display your products. And, we can also customize acrylic display racks.
acrylic box

Weacrylic produces different types of acrylic boxes. Meanwhile, we are ready to provide support for your demands.

acrylic sign

Acrylic signs have different forms. We can customize size, shape, color, packaging. We will provide the solution that suits your needs.

Wholesale Customized Extruded Acrylic Panels China to Delight Your Customers

Why Choose Weacrylic Extruded Acrylic China?

Firstly, we produce good acrylic sheets China and can cut to size material as per customer requirements.

Secondly, our high-quality extruded pmma sheets have different colors, textures, sizes, structures, patterns, etc., and they are easy to use.

Thirdly, quality products are ensured by following the manufacturing standards. And we control all the related aspects strictly.

Finally, we ensure customer satisfaction through on-time delivery (OTD). At the same time, we always deliver products on time and 100% promise in advance.


What Is the Difference Between Extruded and Cast Acrylic


According to different applications, there are different types of acrylic sheets. If you need a cheaper product, choosing acrylic sheets extruded instead of cast acrylic sheets is better. The features of acrylic extruded are more suitable for specific applications. Also, extruded plexiglass is more malleable than cast acrylic sheets.


In addition, extruded pmma sheets are easy to cut, bend, polish. And they have many applications like greenhouses, sheds, garages, indoor applications, etc.. It is because the extruded acrylic plate has good UV resistance. Therefore, even if exposed to the sun for many years, it can still maintain a good appearance without turning yellow.


However, extruded sheets have a limitation. The process of extrusion will limit their thickness range. Therefore, you can not just make thick sheets by extrusion, especially if you look for bullet-proof security applications.

Although some super thickness sheets are realizable with advancing technology, they can hardly match the thickness range of cast acrylic sheets.

In conclusion, extruded acrylic is a cost-effective alternative to cast acrylic sheets. Generally, cast acrylic sheets are considered better in general. But clear plastic extrusions acrylic are made for a specific set of applications at an economical price. From this comparison, both types of sheets have their pros and cons. However, it finally depends on the end-use of the acrylic sheets.

Extruded Acrylic Sheet Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, clear acrylic sheet has excellent impact resistance. 

Generally, it will not break under normal conditions because acrylic is a natural and robust material.

The various elements it contains help to increase its strength.

Therefore, the extruded acrylic is almost unbreakable. It has obvious advantages over glass in safety.

Clear plastic extrusions acrylic is a good sheet. But it has a disadvantage.

In other words, it scratches easily. The surface of acrylic is relatively soft.

Therefore, when it rubs against sharp objects, it scratches easily.

However, we can apply a transparent scratch-resistant coating on both sides of the extrusion acrylic sheet.

It will make it more scratch-resistant than standard acrylic.

It has no limits! Extruded plastic is available in a variety of colors.

Different colors can meet the needs of other customers. Therefore, you only need to determine the color. Then we will do the rest.

Above all, in Weacrylic, you can choose different color extruded acrylic sheet.

Acrylic extrusion sheets are not easy to recycle because it is easy to decompose in the machine.

However, if the extruded pmma sheet does not show cracks, stress, or cracks, it can be made into a useful object.

You can reuse the acrylic board material at any time because it has a wide range of uses.

What Is Extruded Acrylic Sheet?

Extruded plastic acrylic are an excellent glass replacement, have high strength, and are light in weight.

Also, it is a strong polymer. The catalytic monomer becomes a more transparent, lighter, and stronger material.

In addition, it is UV resistant and provides better visibility when compared to glass because it is optically transparent.

How Long Does Acrylic Extruded Sheet Last?

It is very durable. Also, it has excellent resistance to various forms of shock and pressure.

Generally, you will find that acrylic sheets are more durable than other types of sheets. It is mainly because of the inherent characteristics of acrylic sheets.

In addition, the precise surface treatment of the acrylic sheet also determines its overall durability.

We can use the plastic sheet extrusion acrylic for a long time outdoors. It can withstand high-temperature ultraviolet rays and severe temperature changes.

However, although acrylic extruded sheet has excellent resistance, it may reduce its durability if exposed to extreme conditions for a long time.

In conclusion, extruded acrylic is a very resistant acrylic product.

Can Acrylic Extruded Sheet Turn Yellow in the Sun?

Generally, many objects tend to turn yellow after continuous exposure to sunlight.

Temperature changes will cause the extruded acrylic to expand and contract continuously. Therefore, it will significantly change the texture of the acrylic sheet.

However, now acrylic sheet manufacturers often add several elements to protect the extrusion plastic sheet from damage in the sun.

It can form protective coatings on both sides of the extruded pmma sheet using additives. And, it will enhance the UV resistance of the extruded plastic.

In a word, it is a very important step in modern manufacturing. And, it makes it difficult for the extruded clear acrylic sheet to turn yellow in the sun.

Is Acrylic Extruded Sheet Transparent?

Yes, it is transparent.

Our extruded clear acrylic sheet is highly transparent and more transparent than glass.

Meanwhile, approximately 92% of the light can pass through it because the sheet has excellent optical clarity.

Regardless of the thickness of the surface material, it can still maintain high definition.

What Is Extruded Acrylic Used for?

Here are a few applications of these extruded acrylic panels indicating their versatility:

1. Point of sale/purchase displays
2. Exhibit and trade show displays
3. Transit shelters
4. Framing and signage
5. Building & construction, general engineering applications

In a word, since the production process is relatively simpler and less labor-intensive, these sheets are cheaper to produce.

Is There Size Limitation for Acrylic Extruded Sheet?

Actually, it has no limits.

All extruded sheets have different sizes because the different acrylic application sizes are different.

We can easily cut specific sizes to meet the required standards.

Therefore, you only need to measure the exact size for your application and order the corresponding extruded acrylic sheet.

In conclusion, no matter when you buy clear extruded sheets, no matter the application, the size is not a limitation.

How Does Extruded Sheet Compare with Glass Sheet?

Impact resistance: The extruded sheet has higher impact resistance than the glass sheet, and its shatter resistance is ten times that of Glass.

Optical Transmission: Approximately 92% of the visible light can pass through it, but the glass plate usually can only transmit 80-90% of the visible light.

Anti-ultraviolet: Acrylic extruded sheet can block 99% of ultraviolet rays, but most standard grade glass has almost no.

Scratch resistance: The surface of extruded acrylic plate is softer and easier to be scratched. However, it is now common to apply a scratch-resistant coating on the surface of the acrylic sheet.

Weight: The weight of extruded acrylic plate is half of that of the glass sheet.

Ductility: Acrylic extruded sheet can be easily molded while maintaining excellent optical properties. Glass can be shaped into a curve, but there are some limitations.

Cost: Clear extrusion plastic sheets are usually more expensive than glass sheets. However, installing Glass is generally expensive. So, in the long run, extruded clear acrylic sheets can bring higher benefits.

How Do You Cut Extruded Clear Acrylic Sheet into size?

Cutting Acrylic Sheets with Laser Cutting Machine-laser cutting can realize complex cutting of extruded acrylic sheets.

It is the preference for cutting the selected design. By directing the output of a high-power laser, it uses a laser beam to cut the sheet.

In other word, if you need to use its to create complex patterns and shapes, you can choose a laser cutting machine.

Cutting Acrylic Sheets with CNC Engraving Machine-it is a computer-controlled machine.

In addition, it uses pre-programmed software to cut the acrylic sheet into a specific size by connecting it to a computer.

Cutting Acrylic Panels with Table Saw-To cut thicker acrylic sheets, and you can use a professional table saw for cutting acrylic sheets.

Furthermore, using a table saw will cut very cleanly, and the process is very simple.

Please note that you must take protective measures when cutting to size acrylic sheets. Because it is a tool that uses electricity, the blade is sharp and has fine teeth.

Cutting Acrylic Sheets with Jigsaw-it can also cut thick acrylic sheets, but it mainly cuts curved ones.

At the same time, be sure to use a fine-toothed blade, preferably a blade designed for cutting acrylic.

Cutting Acrylic Panels with Hand Saw-For DIY enthusiasts, most people prefer to use a hand saw to cut acrylic sheets.

However, hand saws require more attention than electric saws. There are different types of hand saws. For best results, you can use a saw with even teeth.

Cutting Acrylic Sheets with Scoring Tool- The easiest way to cut plexiglass panels is to use the scoring tool. It is also most suitable for DIY beginners.

However, you can only use this method on extruded acrylic sheets 1/4 inch thick or thinner.

Can You Glue Down Acrylic Extruded Sheets?

Yes, I can! Acrylic is one of the perfect thermoplastic materials, producing firm adhesion when bonding.

Usually, we use solvent-based glue to bond acrylic sheets. Acrylic glue can soften the surface of the extruded sheet and then weld them together.

How Can You Maintain Extruded Acrylic Panels?

Generally, it is a safer and more durable alternative than glass and other plastic sheets.

Knowing how to clean and maintain acrylic sheets is important to prolong its service life.

Usually, we only need to clean and repair the acrylic extruded sheet.

If the acrylic sheet is dirty, we can use a commercial plastic cleaner or mild soapy water to remove the dirt and debris.

Also, if there are some minor scratches and cracks on the extruded acrylic sheet’s surface, we need to remove and polish the scratches.

You can use car wax or fine gravel to polish the surface of the acrylic board.

How Can You Drill Extruded Acrylic?

If you have good tools and use the correct acrylic sheet, it is not difficult to drill the acrylic sheet.

Drilling and squeezing acrylic sheets need to be very careful. Because of its internal stress, it will quickly crack or break.

Firstly, you need to have suitable drilling tools, including the right drill bits.

Then, when drilling, make sure to place the extruded acrylic sheet on a flat surface.

And this surface can support it well, and the drill bit can plug into it, such as a wooden board.

Thirdly, it is best to clamp it to prevent it from moving while drilling.

When drilling, place the drill bit perpendicular to the acrylic plate, and make sure that the drill bit is set to a medium speed.

Support the drill bit when it almost penetrates the board and touches the support below.

Finally, when you remove the drill bit from the hole, let the drill bit rotate. It’s that simple!

Can You Bend Extruded Acrylic?

Yes, I can.

It is naturally flexible, so you can bend easily without distorting its characteristics.

You can use various tools to bend the extruded acrylic sheet to the extent you need.

Also, you can use a strip heater, and acrylic sheets can be heated and bent at different angles.

Or you can use an oven or a heat gun to heat the acrylic extruded plate.

However, please remember that you always have to heat the acrylic sheet to an adjustable temperature because it will bend.

How Do You Polish Acrylic Extruded Sheet?

After cutting, you go through sanding and polishing for the acrylic extrusion. In this way, you can get a smooth acrylic extruded sheet.

Therefore, you can use the following standard methods to polish acrylic sheets:

Diamond Polishing-It is to polish the edge of the acrylic plate by rotating the diamond tip wheel, running along the edge of the material.

Diamond polishing leaves a clean edge. The curved edges cannot be diamond polished.

Flame Polishing-it requires exposing the acrylic extruded to flame or heat.

Then the surface material of the acrylic sheet is melted to obtain a smooth acrylic sheet.

With the help of the burner, you can also easily polish the edge of the acrylic extrusion sheet.

Vapor Polishing-This is another common polishing method.

It involves exposing the part to chemical vapors, allowing the surface to flow and improve its finish.

Can You Cut Extruded Acrylic to Size?

Yes, we can. We cut the extruded sheets by laser cutting with the help of the vector cutting method.

Laser cutting gives exceptional accuracy because it cuts by melting, burning, and vaporizing. With the help of CAD files, you can get outstanding cutting with a much higher degree of accuracy.

Since these sheets have a lower melting point, you need to use laser techniques. Then you will get the best finishing edges.

During end-use fabrication, you can also use hand tools to cut. Or, you can cut to size acrylic sheets using a saw and router. However, using laser cutting is better.

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