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As a China acrylic sheets manufacturer, Weacrylic provides high-quality custom laser cutting acrylic service. And we use a professional laser-cutting acrylic machine to create acrylic cutting products for your brand. We can also customize acrylic laser cut products of different shapes according to your requirements. For example, acrylic laser cut letters, acrylic cutting laser boxes, laser cut plexiglass signs, and so on. And you have a large selection of very competitive costs.

laser cut acrylic sheet China manufacturer

How to Laser Cut Plexiglass?

laser cut acrylic sheet

Laser cut plexiglass is an accurate method of cutting a specific acrylic design. And it uses CAD files as a guide.

Laser cutting can provide smooth, flame-polished edges. And it can also produce bright frosty white engravings during laser engraving.

Generally, laser cut perspex is relatively slow and has higher power.

In conclusion, laser cut plexiglass is a very popular application because it can produce high-quality acrylic products.

Related Acrylic Sheet Fabrication Capabilities

Weacrylic: Your Professional Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Sheet China Manufacturer

Weacrylic is a professional acrylic sheets fabrication China manufacturer. Meanwhile, we have an acrylic laser cutting capability. We can laser cut, laser engrave, or mark a wide range of acrylic materials. Acrylic laser cutting is the most popular application. It can precisely cut complex acrylic products in shape. Therefore, you can get a precise dimension even with a complex shape. At the same time, the laser cutting edge is smooth and beautiful. In conclusion, we have complete acrylic sheets manufacturing capabilities—for example, extrusion, cast, silkscreen, polish, assembly, etc. So we can provide high-quality custom acrylic sheet manufacturing services.

Get Weacrylic Laser Cutting Acrylic to Meet Your Needs

If you are looking for a high-quality custom acrylic laser cutting service, then Weacrylic is your best choice. We are a leading China acrylic fabrication manufacturer and have professional acrylic cutting laser machines. Meanwhile, we can custom laser cut acrylic products. You only need to provide size, pattern. Here are some cut acrylic products to choose from to meet your needs.

laser cut acrylic

Laser Cut Acrylic Sheet

We are a customized acrylic laser cut China manufacturer. You only need to provide size, pattern, we provide high-quality acrylic cutting laser service.

custom laser cut acrylic mirror sheet

Laser Cut Mirror Acrylic

Weacrylic can accurately laser cut  acrylic mirrors into different shapes. And we provide high quality custom acrylic laser cutting services.

laser cutting acrylic box

Laser Cutting Acrylic Box

We can laser engraved patterns on acrylic boxes to meet your needs. Our acrylic box has a wide range of uses.

laser cut acrylic sign

Laser Cut Acrylic Signs

Laser cutting acrylic signage has smooth polished edges and many colors. Our acrylic signs has a wide range of uses.

acrylic laser cutting letters

Laser Cut Letters Acrylic

Using acrylic cutting laser, we can make letters with different classic font designs. Meanwhile, we use our most advanced technology.

laser cutting acrylic keychains

Cut Acrylic Keychains

We are your ideal partner for custom acrylic cutting laser keychains. Meanwhile, we have the ability to provide suitable products.

laser engraved acrylic

Acrylic Laser Engraving

We provide custom laser engraved plexiglass types. And we can laser engraved different patterns on acrylic sheets.

Laser Cut Acrylic Jewelry Tags

Cut Acrylic Jewelry Tags

Weacrylic provides well cut acrylic jewelry labels. It has wide use in jewelry displays. We can provide you with different tags.

Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Service to Skyrocket Your Brand

Why Choose Weacrylic Laser Cut Perspex ?

Weacrylic is a professional laser cutting acrylic China manufacturer. We provide customized designs to meet your needs. Acrylic for laser cutting is one of the most popular. Meanwhile, we can cut plexiglass sheets to size and laser engraves acrylic sheets and laser marks on acrylic.

Our acrylic cutting laser products have different characteristics and types. Using our CNC laser cutting machine, we can produce acrylic laser cut letters, laser cut acrylic boxes, etc. We can also create customized acrylic logos.

We have professional acrylic cutting laser production lines, advanced and automated production machines. Therefore, we can complete your orders quickly and efficiently. Don’t hesitate anymore! Send an inquiry about custom acrylic for laser cutting immediately!


Acrylic Sheet Laser Cutting Frequently Asked Questions

It is a laser processing technology that designs and cuts acrylic sheets.

There are many types of laser-cut acrylic, such as acrylic letters, gifts, numbers, toys, signs, patterns, and jewelry labels.

Generally speaking, you can obtain different items from the acrylic sheet by laser cutting method.

You can design its shape, size, pattern, color, and thickness.

Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic.

Generally speaking, there are two basic types of acrylic: cast acrylic and extruded acrylic.

Both are suitable for laser cutting.

However, extruded acrylic will leave slight burrs on edge after laser cutting. Cast acrylic will leave a very smooth edge.

In general, you can cut acrylic sheets of different thicknesses.

But the most important thing is the specific use of laser cutting.

It determines the thickness of the acrylic sheet you choose.

For example, some require a relatively large thickness, such as acrylic laser cutting boxes.

Or, others need a relatively thin acrylic sheet, such as a laser-cut acrylic pin on the text.

Yes, I can.

Acrylic for laser cutting is one of the most efficient ways of creating different types of shapes for various projects.

We can cut acrylic sheets to size and laser engraves acrylic sheets and laser marks on acrylic.

Our laser cutting machines can handle a wide range of acrylic sheet thicknesses.

It can even cut acrylic sheets up to 1 inch with ease.

At the same time, we can achieve sharp edges through the polishing process.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Laser Cut Perspex?

Customized laser cut acrylic has advantages in many aspects, such as:

1. Enhance the complexity of acrylic products to meet specific needs.

2.Easy to maintain because the customized size and thickness are suitable for all your applications.

3.Easy to organize, especially suitable for laser cut perspex display or gift box.

4.Improve application efficiency due to the accurate design of customized cut acrylic parts.

What Are the Available Acrylic Laser Cutting Shapes?

Acrylic cutting laser parts come in many shapes.

We can also customize any shape you want because acrylic material has high workability.

Here are some available shapes:

  1. Square
  2. Oval
  3. Round
  4. Rectangle
  5. Cube
  6. Pyramid
  7. Dome
  8. Hexagon
  9. Microblade

How Does Laser Cut Plexiglass Compare with Laser Cutting Polycarbonate?

Acrylic is one of the top materials for laser cutting.

Acrylic cutting laser cuts beautifully and safely. And it will produce finely polished edges.

Both extruded acrylic and cast acrylic are ideal for laser processing. But they respond differently to laser cutting.

The extruded acrylic can be cut smoothly and leaves a clean flame polished edge.

The laser beam can also cut cast acrylic, but it will not produce polished edges.

It produces a white frost-like color under laser processing. Therefore, it is more suitable for laser engraving.

When laser cut perspex, choose high power and slow speed. It works best.

This process is completely safe, but you should wear protective equipment to prevent fumes.

Polycarbonate is also a thermoplastic polymer.

It is durable and lightweight and is also suitable for laser cutting.

Although polycarbonate is suitable for laser cutting, it is not the best material choice.

It is harder than acrylic, so it is more difficult to cut complex designs.

And polycarbonate also absorbs a lot of infrared energy. If it is too thick, it will easily catch fire.

In addition, when laser cutting polycarbonate, it usually produces uneven discolored edges.

How Do You Use Laser to Cut Acrylic?

There are many ways to acrylic for laser cutting. So you can use different tools to cut acrylic.

There are several methods of laser cutting acrylic:

Acrylic Laser Cutting Designs

This method meets the needs of specific shapes cut from acrylic materials.

You can make any shape and pattern you want.

Then, create your design on a computer with specific software and integrate it with the laser cutting machine.

Generally speaking, we use CNC laser cutting machines.

These machines are common in various applications, such as advertising, packaging and printing, and manufacturing departments.

In short, laser-cutting designs are creative and important.

Reactive Cutting Acrylic Sheet

In general, its other name is flame cutting or combustion stable laser gas cutting.

This technique is similar to oxygen torch cutting.

But in most cases, it uses a laser beam as its ignition source.

This method is usually suitable for cutting materials with a thickness of more than 1mm.

However, you can also use this special method to cut relatively thick acrylic sheets. It uses less laser power.

Melt and Blow Acrylic Sheet

Its other name is fusion cutting technology.

It mainly uses high-pressure gas to blow molten material out of the cutting area.

It is critical because it greatly reduces the power required.

Firstly, heat the material to the melting point level.

Next, the gas injector blows out the molten material from the incision.

It is to help prevent the temperature of the material from increasing.

In short, it is an effective way to cut acrylic and produce high-quality results.

What Are the Main Types of Laser Cut Acrylic?

There are many types of acrylic laser-cutting.

Meanwhile, we can also customize laser-cut acrylic components according to your needs.

At present, we list several cut acrylic components for you:

  1. Laser Cutting Plexiglass Jewelry Tags
  2. Crystal Clear Laser Cutting Acrylic Letter
  3. Acrylic Cutting Laser Place Cards
  4. Cutting Acrylic Storage Box
  5. Custom Laser Cut Plexiglass 

How to Acrylic Laser Cutting at Home?

Although a laser cutter is a great tool, using a laser cutter at home can cause problems.

During laser cutting, the acrylic material evaporates. And it will produce harmful gases.

Therefore, the home should have an exhaust system. It can push the air out.

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