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Weacrylic is a professional screen printing on acrylic sheet China manufacturer, and we have a variety of manufacturing processes. Printing on plexiglass is one of them. We do acrylic sheet printing at high quality and competitive prices. At the same time, we provide one-stop solutions and acrylic sheet manufacturing capabilities. According to your drawings, we can also do silkscreen printing in different colors and sizes.

screen printing on acrylic sheet China

How to Screen Printing on Acrylic?


First, prepare the image for printing. Second, make sure the surface of the acrylic sheet is clean and flat. Place and stick the acrylic sheet on the tabletop. Then place the screen over the acrylic top and tape it down. It is to prevent it from moving. Next, mark the sheet to ensure the correct areas of ink.


Apply ink, then use a roller or squeegee. You need to spread it lowly over the design at a 45° angle. Scrape up any excess ink with a plastic spatula or spoon and put it back in the ink tank. After that, you slowly remove the screen and dry it. You can use a hairdryer. Once dry, your acrylic screen print is ready to use.

screen printing on acrylic China

Screen printing is the process of transferring ink onto an acrylic substrate through a mesh. And it uses a doctor blade/roller to fill the openings. It is common in many acrylic manufacturing applications. For example, graphic overlays, acrylic signage, screen lens, etc. At the same time, using acrylic is easier and safer to print than glass.

In general, we will go through screen printing, drying, double-sided tape, laser cutting, and finally, packaging to complete the complete production process.

In conclusion, Weacrylic can do both small and large acrylic sheet printing. Meanwhile, We can screen print accurately and efficiently on different sizes and colors of acrylic.

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Professional Acrylic Sheet Manufacturing Capabilities to Skyrocket Your Brand

Weacrylic: Your Premier Screen Printing on Acrylic Sheet China Manufacturer

Weacrylic is a professional screen printing on plexiglass China manufacturer. We can screen print on flat acrylic sheets and cylindrical acrylic pieces. Meanwhile, we can customize or combine colors according to your drawings. And we use our unique screen printing on the acrylic manufacturing process.

Generally, we have small and large acrylic silkscreen printing machines. So, we will choose the suitable machine for printing according to your size, color, tolerance, and volume. In addition, we will meet your quality requirements at the best price.

printing on acrylic
It is a silkscreen acrylic sign. We can provide acrylic sign printing services in many colors. So you can custom screen print acrylic signs from us.
Graphic Overlay

Graphics Overlay

It is suitable for screen printing overlays for HMI screens. We have a complete combination and can overlay graphics on the control panel.

printing on acrylic charms

Printing Acrylic Charms

It is ideal for printing high-quality images, such as logos on the backs of phones and tablets. So a lot of clients like it.

Custom Screen Printing on Acrylic Service to Delight Your Customers

Why Choose Weacrylic Screen Printing on Plexiglass?

Weacrylic has a professional screen printing acrylic capability for different applications. And we can print images on flat acrylic or cylindrical shapes. In addition, we have professional acrylic production lines, advanced and most automated production machines. Therefore, we can complete your orders quickly and efficiently.

In addition, we have complete capabilities in acrylic manufacturing. We have a variety of acrylic manufacturing processes. For example, extrusion, casting, vacuum coating, laser cutting. We can provide a one-stop solution according to your design and needs.

In conclusion, printing on acrylic can provide you with cost-effective solutions and provide reliable quality. So, send an inquiry about acrylic immediately!


Screen Printing on Acrylic Frequently Asked Questions

Screen printing is a printing technique.

It is transferring ink through a mesh to an acrylic substrate. Meanwhile, it uses a doctor blade/roller to fill the openings.

It’s a very simple process. And it is very common in acrylic manufacturing applications.

However, if you’re silkscreening on a hard-coated plexiglass plate, it’s a little more difficult.

However, you can adjust the screen-printed acrylic program to achieve it.

The advantages of screen printing acrylic are as follows:

First, it is cost-effective. Compared to polycarbonate sheets, acrylic is more affordable.

Secondly, it’s durable. It blocks most UV rays. However, it depends on the type of acrylic.

Thirdly, it is long-lasting. Acrylic can last for ten years without turning yellow.

Finally, acrylic is shatter-resistant and lightweight. And it has glass-like qualities such as transparency, brightness, transparency, and clarity.

In addition, you can apply many coatings to the sheet. It improves electrical resistance, anti-fog, reduces glare and sun reflectivity.

First of all, the silkscreen on acrylic can easily be scratched off. So, be very careful during transportation.

Second, acrylic is generally harder, so the ink is always difficult to penetrate. Sometimes it is caused by residue on the masking film.

Third, screen printing is not environmentally friendly. Inks are hazardous to the environment.

Lastly, customizing it is relatively difficult compared to digital printing. So, it’s not suitable for small orders to some extent.

Can You Print on Acrylic Sheet?

Yes, I can.

Printing on plexiglass is a simple process. And it is a common process in acrylic manufacturing applications.

It transfers the ink to the acrylic substrate through the screen and uses a doctor blade/roller to fill the openings.

Finally, an acrylic printing product is formed.

Screen printing is more suitable for using only one or two ink colors for thicker inks.

What Are the Applications of Screen Printing on Acrylic?

Printing acrylic has a wide range of applications in acrylic manufacturers.

These applications are very attractive. And it is very popular in the market.

Here are some applications of acrylic screen printing:

Printing trophies
print image
Silkscreen Acrylic Label
printed acrylic logo

In short, screen printing on acrylic is very useful. It can be made into various acrylic labels, lenses. If you need acrylic screen printing, contact Weacrylic.

What Equipment and Materials Are Required for Screen Printing on Acrylic Panels?

The following are the materials and equipment that need to be prepared for acrylic screen printing:

Screen: It is the screen version of silkscreen. Depending on the image, the number of stencil grids varies.

Frame: The screen frame can be a simple wooden or metal frame, usually made of aluminum or steel.

Emulsion: Use a curing emulsion to remove all ink from the screen and frame.

Printing machine: There are automatic screen printing machines, semi-automatic screen printing machines, and manual printing machines.

Squeegee: A squeegee is installed on the machine to scrape the ink back and forth.

Inks: It usually have intense pigments. And it produces bright, intense colors.

Masking tape: It sticks acrylic to a flat surface. Its role is to fix acrylic.

Dryer: It heats the ink to curing temperature so that the print can last longer.

Screen Printing Acrylic VS Digital Printing: What Is Difference?

There are two different acrylic printing methods: silkscreen printing and digital printing.

Both are common printing techniques. So how are they different?

Screen printing on acrylic sheet requires a screen. You need to apply the ink to the printing surface one layer at a time. Different colors use different screens.

Computers handle digital printing. Then it prints directly onto the surface of your product.

Screen printing is suitable for mass production. And the more you order, the cheaper the cost.

However, it is not very suitable for personalized printing. Also, it is not ideal for printing in multiple colors. There can only be one design per batch.

Also, if the acrylic sheet does not fully absorb the ink, then cracks can sometimes appear.

Digital printing is newer printing technology. It’s fast and flexible. So, it is very suitable for personalized printing and small orders.

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